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The designer is French and shares her time between London in Paris. Just based on that information you can assert with 95% certainty that the paint is F&B like others have mentioned before. Down Pipe is a good guess.

Can Anyone Identify this Beautiful Dark Gray Paint Color? Good Questions
7/16/13 04:32 AM

I like the new exterior but find the interior very... beige.

Before & After: Fresh Starts at the 2011 DC Design House
4/8/11 03:40 PM

Pic #6 - the fabric - I die.

Sentou: Colorful Furnishings in France
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1/28/11 05:24 AM

If you haven't been living there long then definitely wait and see what your needs are. Library, TV room, office and guest BR, test it all... and paint the space in a punchy, happy color.

Personally, I wouldn't open up the space completely. I like the idea of a flexible space that you can open or close according to the occasion.

We had similar problem (although completely different layout) and we went for sliding doors made of frosted glass. In your case, you could remove the wall with the door and reduce the size of the other 2 walls, adding two sliding doors that "meet at the corner" to close the space completely when necessary.

Sorry if it isn't very clear :-P I wish apartment therapy allowed us to draw little sketches with our posts.

Another idea: here is a beautiful space, behind the sofa hides an office that's sort of open but not quite. It blends nicely into the living room...

Good luck!

What To Do With Awkward Den Space?
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1/27/11 04:50 AM

Oh no! You missed the cutest part of BHV: the "Bricolo Cafe", located on the basement too. It's very Harry Potter - I found this pic on flickr:

The Best Home Project Store in the World? BHV!
1/26/11 02:33 PM

Your place looks chic and expensive but looking at the resources I see affordable stuff like IKEA and Lowes (the rug is fab!). Very inspiring, thanx for sharing.

Matthew & Mikel's DIY Water+Works Remodel
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1/20/11 05:33 PM

Nice place! and that bed is beautiful

Lauren's Collection of Stories
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1/18/11 04:21 PM

Lovely place. For a moment I thought it was in Amsterdam or somewhere in Europe, only the big appliances gave it away. Watch out! one night I might come and steal all your artwork ;)

Terri and Evan's Blue Velvet Home
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11/6/10 05:42 PM

Two more possibilities: the coffee tables with levers that transform into a comfortable dining table and the skinny console tables that extend to fit up to 10 guests. You see lots of those here in Paris.

But if your place is tiny, a good option is to host cocktail parties featuring amazing finger food and drinks.

How to Fit a Dining Room Into a Small Space
11/6/10 05:29 PM

I love original spaces! It would be interesting to compare the layout before and after.

Also, could you please share the source for the lovely print in the living room (picture #8)?

Thanks for letting us see your place...

Richard & Natasha's Medical Makeover
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10/18/10 02:15 PM

We lived in a 1Br (450 sqft) with our baby until he was 2 years old. It is totally feasible, you just have to be extremely organized. Because we were saving on rent, we were able to eat out a lot, travel, go to parks, museums, etc. In fact, we had to go out a lot or the whole family would have gone crazy, esp. in winter.

This is how we organized the space:
-Living room with a sitting area, dining table, open kitchen and office. All the furniture pieces were of small scale, built with light materials, foldable, on wheels... very easy to move around.

-The bedroom had our bed, a big closet, changing table and crib.

-The two rooms were separated by a double door. During the day, this big door stayed open giving us a nice flow. We closed the door when the baby needed to nap.

-At night, the baby would fall asleep in the bedroom with the lights off while in the living room we worked, watched tv, etc. When we parents were ready to sleep, we moved his crib out of the bedroom, giving privacy to baby and us.

-We maximized floor space by using our very high walls for storage, we also got rid of (temporarily) unnecessary stuff like plants, coffee table and floor lamps.

I know many of these things sound obvious but it took us a few months to get things and procedures in place :-)

This can be a great adventure, good luck!

Making a One Bedroom More Baby-Friendly Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/29/10 04:51 PM

I saw a tour of this house on French TV:

The whole space is very... original. The hammock is very cool, tho.

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3/6/09 05:29 PM