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And for Mac users, the Apple site has tips on caring for your Lithium batteries while on vacation. I think they say to charge it to about 80 percent and leave in a cool place... something like that...

Covering All the Bases Before Vacation | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/27/10 08:54 AM

For iPhone users, there is an app for that. It's called Packing Pro. Its pretty extensive. Hard to leave anything out. Just gotta check off what you've already done and concentrate on what's left to be done.

Covering All the Bases Before Vacation | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/27/10 08:53 AM

I am going through this now with one of my cats and I'm losing it! She does pee in the same area more than once, despite the amount of Natures Miracle, and the other one that came with a black light. She's on vet #2 and the first round of blood work came back PERFECT! I haven't done the full CBC yet so I'm not sure. I did a urinalysis and dipstick and it wasn't really all that conclusive. She has a whole bunch of symtoms, but at the moment, she is a mystery. She is about 10 so maybe it's just age related. I really wish she would stop urinating everywhere. I have hardwood floors... :-/

Dealing With A Cat Who Pees All Over The House | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/20/10 09:15 AM

Between water globes and random watering, I have kept all my plants alive. And trust me, I am not one of those said people. If you can't remember to water a plant or 2, maybe you shouldn't have any?

Guaranteed Green Thumb: Self Watering Planters Roundup | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/14/10 08:30 PM

Thanks Sarah! The West Elm table is the perfect dimension!!! But a bit out of my price range!!! :(

Have you checked out the Domino's book? Domino: The Book of Decorating? Really neat book with tons of suggestions!

Before & After: A Reorganized Dining Room | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/9/10 03:45 PM

I have been searching high and low for a slim rectangular table like yours! Where is it from (if you even remember)? Silly question, but what are the dimentions??

Cute space nonetheless! With tons of potential. I am also at the infancy of my 'home decoration' so I know what you are going through! Since money is tight, I am relying on small purchases and tons of rearranging.

Good luck!

Before & After: A Reorganized Dining Room | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/3/10 10:21 AM

wow i know that first picture. it's from a center called ABC No Rio in the L.E.S Manhattan. as soon as i saw the Rio, i knew it was that. that made me home sick :>(

Alysia's Treehouse by the Lake House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/29/09 08:28 PM

that looks cool as hell!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Final Frame: Courier
9/23/09 10:38 AM

i have the Tylosand sofa (not sleeper) and i love it and so does every one else who sits on it. it is extremely comfortable if you are the loungy/ throw your legs up on the couch kinda person. it NEVER slipped off. and the covers are washable. my only complaint is that it seems to be sinking in where i sit. but i think if i fluff it out, it'll be ok. it looks really nice in my living room too. but like someone mentioned, it might be a matter of personal taste. plus, i think its the longest couch they carry and thats what i needed- just incase someone needs to crash on it. yes, it is long enough for most people (or most of my shorty friends). i always end up passing out on it :)

Apartment Therapy New York | TYLOSAND Sofa Bed from IKEA Sofa Sleeper of the Week
8/24/09 06:21 PM

i think his is more fun! HIS wins in my book! Can you imagine having people over to watch a movie or hang out on that? or if children come to visit? i guess it depends on what the couch will be providing for you. the HERS soaf does not seem inviting and doesn't provoke me to sit on it (looks hard and uncomfortable). HIS works on so many levels.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Which Sofa to Keep? Hers or His?
6/8/09 04:41 PM

Wow, this blog couldnt have came at a better time. I have always been very independent. And the fact that i look younger than I am has instilled this kind of napolean syndrome/ i can do it by myself/ can't ever ask for help personality. It's not that i dont like asking for help. I just have a schedule, like everyone else. If I ask for soemthing to be done, i would like to have it done at around the same time i'm asking for the help. i dont ask for help 3 months in advance. so if i ask a relative or friend for help, and they are not able to help at that moment, i understand that they have other things going on- which is fine! i dont want anyone to stop what they are doing to help me because it really isnt necessary. I just bought a new house (a house! An actual house!) and i'm getting everything done for it by myself- it's just easier for me to do it this way. my mom wants me to ask relatives for help since they housed me for a yr till i got settled in a new state, but the truth is, i like to clean and assemble at night! I don't want to disrupt their lifestyle! But my mom thinks my actions are a bit ungrateful since i am not utilizing my family members, and after all, that is what family is for. it is a really good sense of accomplishment to know that in my early 20s, i have bought a house and can have it up and running by myself without the need of my parents, bf, or anyone! And if it's something i can do on my own, why involve other people? whenever there is soomething i can NOT do, i will call them up! But in the meantime, i'll be throwing my hair in a ponytail, putting on some sweats and calling it a Monday!!!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Living Single & Getting Things Done!
3/23/09 01:44 PM

HAHAHAHA OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I just got really nostalgic for a moment!!!! We played mash all through out elementary school and junior hs. It was pretty much THE TRUTH as far as we were concerned!!!! However, we had boys to marry (of course), how many kids, honeymoon location (it was always Hawaii, Paris, or New York... those were the off hand places we knew), what car (usually between a lambergini, carvette like barbie drove, or a jeep- and yes we spelled it just like that!), can't remember the rest! :'(

Apartment Therapy New York | Remember MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House)?
3/12/09 11:43 AM

That seems pretty pricey for the way the economy is going. my parents duplex apt was appraised at the same price range and it's bigger (2 floors), on the 1st floor, has a backyard, is in a much smaller 6 floor condo (safer and more private), and in a nice part of Corona. Not as decked out as this one but i'm sure that mostly goes with the seller anyways!

Apartment Therapy New York | FSBO: Jackson Heights Two Bedroom 3716 80th Street Apt 52, 4D
3/6/09 11:18 AM