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Well, if the house is a contextual commentary on how fat and bloated the American house has become since the 1950s, this house is exceptional. Unfortunately, the home is probably located in a place (judging by the neighbor house) that artistic types are neither welcomed nor looking for a home to buy. Since it is mainly an artistic commentary, he may be sitting on that site for a while to come. Of course if IKEA starts selling their kit homes (http://ultraorange.net/2008/02/04/boklok-the-perfect-ikea-house-for-your-ikea-furniture-and-ikea-family/) in the US, maybe things will change. Until then American homes won't loose a few pounds and unneeded mud rooms, engorged kitchens, rec rooms, powder closets, formal "living" rooms, etc....And we wonder why the bottom fell out of the housing bubble?

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Tall, Thin, Available (House) in Clarendon, Virginia
3/6/09 01:24 AM