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As a parent, I can say that parents are the dumbest, most gullible consumers out there. If you make something telling us our kid will be safer, we're going to buy it.

I'd really like to know with an empirical study how many kids have been saved by the warning of a SIDS monitor.

We have survived for thousands upon thousands of years ... we'll be fine without all the warning devices.

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 09:38 AM

Don't do Instagram. The images are stored in a relatively small size. If you're looking to print images that have had filters applied to them, you're better off using Flickr's app. Images are stored at their native resolution, and the filters are overall much better. Plus, Instagram limits you to printing square prints. Yes, it's cutesy and works for your phone, but it's impractical given most frames are rectangular. Sure, you could blow up your Instagram image to fit a rectangular frame, but then you're back at the original issue where Instagram's images are highly compressed.

Also, you can share your Flickr gallery 1000 times easier for non-Flickr users than you can with Instagram.

Instagram Prints: Who Do You Recommend?
6/27/14 09:36 AM

A totally transparent window on a ground floor bathroom. Awkward poop-witnessing will ensue at some point.

Before & After: Mid-Century California Bathroom Meets Modern Day Spa Style
8/6/13 04:32 PM


My daughter's name didn't make this list.

Stylish Names for Stylish Families: 100 Baby Name Ideas from Apartment Therapy
7/15/13 01:29 PM

I'm late to the game, but I would do one of three things.

1 - a GIANT print on a canvas. Not filling the entire space, but visually drawing the eye up to the canvas and not to the rest of the massive blank wall.

2 - a series of three prints with a similar theme. Either framed artwork or also on canvas. Similarly, not filling the space, but taking the eye toward them and not the rest of the blank wall.

3 - or you can COMPLETELY fill the wall with a variety of family photos and knick-knacks in frames. I would keep the frames a consistent color, but I think you can have the styles of them totally range, from modern frames to art deco to antique.

Ideas for Decorating a HUGE Blank Wall? Good Questions
7/10/13 09:50 AM


So how do you bathe when you go out for a long run, or you slip and fall in the mud (or voluntarily jump in the mud with your kid), or drop some old food all over yourself, or a million other things that will get on your body over the course of a year that you need to wash off.

Point is you're going to be covered by some gross stuff at some point, which is why we shower in the first place. So the only helpful advice I can give you is "wash your feet last."

Home Habits: The Gross-o-Meter
7/8/13 02:31 PM

I'm completely in favor of brushing teeth and (yes) peeing in the shower.

By federal law, toilets have to use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush in the U.S. But there are still FAR older toilets that can use up to 8 gallons per flush. If 80% (roughly the "shower-age" population of about people 15 and up) of the U.S. population were to pee in the shower once per day, we would save at least 400 MILLION gallons of water.

Home Habits: The Gross-o-Meter
7/8/13 02:16 PM

Few things.

1 - if you're willing to do work, I'd lose that closet, the large one. Do you really need it with two other closets there?

2 - Smaller furniture. Not necessarily smaller in seating capacity, but maybe something a tad more modern that has a sleeker look to it. I know you said the chairs aren't staying, but you can fit chairs, just need something a bit smaller.

3 - Is that the dining room there or just the eat-in section of the kitchen. Does it have to be the dining room? Could you potentially open up that wall completely and just open up the space a bit more?

I would place the couch in front of the fireplace/TV, and then put one of the chairs in the corner between the windows and fireplace. Almost like a fireside chair.

The final thing I would do it look into the closet behind the fireplace. What is in there? Is it possible to remove that closet and maybe open up that wall and put in some nice built-in shelves? Could open up everything a little bit.

Help for Living Room Lacking Wall Space? Good Questions
7/8/13 02:08 PM

iPad on the dock in the windowsill works just fine for me. I like this idea, but it's just too high up.

Can You Guess What's Hidden Inside this Kitchen Cabinet? Design Megillah
5/17/13 09:57 AM

I would actually contrast the shelves with the grey. Maybe a dark red. But between that, the backsplash and the cabinets, I'll admit that red may be a bit too much. So keep the grey as backup.

But a bang-up job, nonetheless!

Kitchen Before & After: Stephanie's Low Budget Skylight Kitchen Remodel Reader Remodel
5/3/13 10:04 AM

Wait, so you have 2400 square feet but you've delegated your home office to an oversized closet? And stools? No way you can actually do a solid day's worth of work there.

Don't get me wrong, I like it. But what are you doing in the other 2380 square feet of your home?

Natalie's Extra Small & Extra Large Workspaces Workspace Tour
5/3/13 09:59 AM

Kids are amazing at adapting to new situations, just like regular people.

You really don't have to stress that much over how your room is laid out. Should it be more open? Sure why not. Will your baby be fine with it as is? Yes, they'll adapt.

Before your baby is crawling, you could honestly string your apartment in razor blades and barbed wire, it doesn't matter. The only real piece of decorating advice is once they start walking, move everything breakable off lower shelves and make sure your furniture is secure against the wall for people who have lighter bookshelves and whatnot. I would also maybe invest in a nice pleather ottoman that opens up for toy storage. It's soft to help them in the early cruising stages, and offers TONS of storage for all her stuff.

Kids will make a point to hunt down whatever you make a point to remove from them. I have an antique camera sitting on my end table. It hasn't moved an inch in the 17 months I've had my daughter. And because I never made a point of stashing it, she's never made a point of grabbing it and smashing it on the floor.

Baby-Friendly Decorating 101: Rethinking Home Design with a Baby on the Way
4/30/13 04:04 PM

So it's basically Bed Bath and Beyond with a worse selection and no 20% coupons?

No thanks.

Crate & Barrel Launches Clean Slate Design News 04.19.13
4/19/13 03:02 PM

I get that it's for a photo shoot, but it always bugs me when people are wearing shoes in their own home. I even hate it in TV shows. Just feel unnatural.

Mary Lee's Life in 300 Square Feet House Tour
3/7/13 09:21 AM

Am I missing how this kitchen was actually "opened up?" Was a wall torn down?

I respect the style of it, but personally not a fan of that backsplash tile wrapping around.

Before & After: A Brooklyn Kitchen
Opens Up
The Sweeten

2/18/13 03:47 PM

Love those shelves ... but not to nitpick, they look like they're not parallel. Is it just the perspective, or is one slightly askew?

Love them though!

Before & After: World's Ugliest Condo Bathroom
2/18/13 03:11 PM

I've always found clock wallpapers to be useless when, well, umm, there's the time right there in your notification bar. And to get the date, simply open my calendar on my homepage, or even when I wake up my phone, the time and date is right there on the unlock mechanic.

I will say, I do like the idea of it if there weren't a clock in the notification toolbar. However, if you're like me and you have four rows and four columns of app icons (plus a weather widget), the time will be challenging to see.

5 Android Live Wallpaper You Must Check Out
8/24/11 06:26 PM

This before and after is epic.

Usually there's some drastic change, but this is simplicity in its simplest forms. I was expecting a crafted and formed table with legs, not a hunk of log. I love it.

Before & After: From Fallen Tree to End Table
8/24/11 06:23 PM

Very nice.

But for my tastes and the color palate I lean toward, I prefer the penny floor. The Standard Hotel in NYC has a penny-tiled floor in their bathroom.

Nickel Tile Floor! A DIY Bathroom Renovation
8/24/11 06:20 PM

I know I'm beating a dead horse, but in no way, under no circumstances, should anyone ever buy a used mattress.

Especially in cities where bed bugs are making a resurgence, it's just dumb.

Tips for Finding a Mattress on Craigslist
8/24/11 06:18 PM