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I once ran into what I was later told was a stinging nettle bush, and I am not joking, it felt like someone had clubbed me on the leg. It was not just a gentle stinging pain, as one might expect based on the name. But I guess it depends on whether you just brush up gently against it or run straight into it.

Will Stinging Nettles Really Sting You? Ingredient Intelligence
5/30/14 02:37 PM

OK, I LOVE this place.

That bed under a platform is almost EXACTLY an idea I was thinking about too, except mine would have cool to see! Did you build it yourself?

Also, is your shower part of a wet bath, like in a camper?

Brian's Off the Grid Home Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 11:51 AM

The same thought crossed my mind regarding possible damage to the artwork, but then again it sounds temporary, since they're building their dream kitchen. Plus, I think it's the couple's own artwork, so they probably know what it can withstand.

Making a Simple Kitchen Sing: Large Artwork in the Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
5/21/14 03:59 PM

This is what I've done:

1. Close the doors to the room the bird is in.

2. Open the windows and screens in the room.

3. Turn off the lights.

4. Move as far away from those windows as possible, or maybe go out of the room and peek in through a crack in the door.

5. Wait for the bird to fly out the window.

6. Close all the windows.

That's it. It works.

How To Get a Bird Out of Your House Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
3/20/14 03:55 PM

Yup, barkeeper's friend. Amazing!

Kitchen Nightmares: Cleaning Scorched and Burnt Food Off Pots and Pans
3/14/14 01:51 PM

I don't know if a cat would eat them, or if there are potential allergy issues, but for my dog, I used hot dogs. I cut about 1-inch long pieces of hot dogs (nice sustainable Niman ranch ones, since I'm vegetarian and these seemed like the least gross ones I could get!), then used a paring knife to cut an X in the end. I prepped a bunch of them at once and kept them in a plastic bag in the fridge. When it was time to give my dog the pill, I inserted it into the X in the end of the hot dog piece and she ate it with no problem. They were fairly large capsules, so you might be able to use smaller pieces of hot dog if the pill is smaller. Also, my dog wolfs down her food very quickly and hardly chews at all, so if your cat is very delicate in its eating habits, I guess it might eat around the pill.

Grain-Free, Allergy Sensitive Pill Pocket Recipe for My Cat? Good Questions
2/27/14 04:06 PM

I have quite a few books and arrange them mostly by color, for a number of reasons. First, I think it looks better that way. Second, my shelves are crowded and if I used an alphabetical or topical system, it would take me too long to rearrange my shelves every time I wanted to add a book. As it is, I tend to have piles of books that I haven't even managed to incorporate into the right shelf based simply on color, so there is no way I could keep up with an alphabetical system. If someone else were to volunteer to come over periodically and organize my books alphabetically for me, that would be fantastic, but no one has volunteered and I'm certainly not going to do it myself. Third, I always remember the colors of books I've read. Beyond the obvious process of digesting the content, reading a physical book is a complex and delightful visual and somatosensory experience (can you tell that I read very few e-books, even though it kills fewer trees?). After you've spend hours, days, or weeks with a book, you get to know not only the color of the cover, but the size and weight of the book, the thickness of the paper, whether the pages had deckle edges or were trimmed, what the binding was like, and so on. The notion that someone who organizes their books by color hasn't read them is just silly, so let us please put that to rest. It's just that some people have an easy time remembering what color their books are, are too lazy to organize them in a more logical way, and find it more visually pleasing to group books by color. The only thing I would add is that this type of system is obviously not user-friendly for anyone besides the owner of the books. No one who comes over to my house will have any clue how to find a book I might have unless I tell them where it is.

Really, It's Ok to Arrange Books By Color Slate
2/13/14 01:06 PM

Sure, why not!

Can This Sofa Be Paired with Non-Mid-Century Pieces? Good Questions
2/12/14 06:13 PM

I have open shelving and love it! I keep the dishes that I use all the time on open shelves, but I also have some tall enclosed cabinets, so some things are kept covered too. One thing that I would reconsider is the wine glasses on open shelving...they get dirty faster than I can use them. I keep my drinking glasses in one of my tall cabinets, and they seem to remain relatively clean, so if I were to do it over again, I would keep the wine glasses enclosed.

So if you're thinking about it, I would say only put stuff you use regularly on open shelving. It helps if you have everyday dishes you like enough to display, and are pretty meticulous about putting things back in the same place so that it looks neat...which I guess I am! If I were living back in CA, I might not have open shelving due to the earthquake hazards, though having a lip on the shelf would help. Frankly, if an earthquake were strong enough to shake things off a shelf even with a lip, then I'd probably have alot more to worry about than some dishes!

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/25/13 10:34 PM

I always thought it would be cool to have a bed that is hidden within a low platform, with steps going up to to the platform. On the platform, you could have a dining table or sitting area or whatever. The steps would pull out, and you would roll out a bed. I don't know if this is even structurally feasible, since it would be a pretty large area with no center support...maybe you'd have to build it with long joists like you do on a ceiling. Anyway, it would be great for a place with high ceilings.

5 Cool Hidden Beds for Small Spaces
11/6/13 05:33 PM

This is amazing, so beautiful! You know, I accidentally misread the post at first and thought that Antoni was the name of the fig tree. Then when I read that Joey gave Antoni a map for their anniversary, I thought hmm...that's unusual. I guess that fig tree IS very well loved. When I further read that Antoni owned vintage boxing gloves and his favorite childhood book was The Little Prince, I thought HMM...surely I have misunderstood something!

Joey and Antoni's Brooklyn Charmer House Tour
11/4/13 01:30 PM

I looked at the original paper. It's interesting, but I don't think the authors adequately controlled for the fact that curved architectural forms are more unusual or novel (probably because they are more difficult and expensive to produce), so the subjects may be responding positively to the novelty rather than an inherent preference for curves. Actually, I think the region of the brain they were looking at might also be involved in responding to novelty, so this makes it even more of a serious issue. I'm surprised they didn't address this problem.

Curves Are Beautiful: Understanding Your Brain & the Architecture of Emotion Fast Company
10/21/13 03:02 PM

I like them all, but I think I'd go with hex appeal (white), in my bathroom.

Win: Luxury Mosaic Tile from
Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/18/13 08:51 PM

Yes, that's a volumetric flask. It's a cute idea, but since these flasks are very lightweight when they are small, I imagine you'd have to be very careful not to knock it over. Maybe it could be weighted down though, or affixed to a tray.

Organization Idea: Graduated Cylinder as Ring Storage
10/15/13 10:50 AM

Generally, this isn't a thought that crosses my mind, but I did once hire a mover who was really, really weird. I accidentally hired the same guy again (off of craiglist) to help me move a sofa, and at the last minute he said he couldn't get the other person to help and so it would just be him. I was picking up the sofa from a storage facility at like 10 pm. All of these things gave me some pause, just because I had a weird vibe about him. When we got to my place, my dog, who LOVES almost everyone, growled at the guy. She would most likely not bite him unless he did something to her, but I commanded her to be quiet and "reassured" him that she was well trained and wouldn't bite anyone unless I allowed her to. She's only a medium sized dog, but I guess it helps that she looks like she might be part German Shepherd, and that I have her very well trained to respond to my commands. He looked a bit nervous, ha ha! I can count the number of times my dog has growled at a person, so I definitely pay attention when she does. I will admit that I've also been walking late at night with my dog a couple times when someone really sketchy was walking toward me, and so I said to my dog, "No bite!" Which is not a command she even understands, ha ha! Anyway, I think the situation with the mover was the only time I ever felt like there could be a problem, otherwise I've had many people work on my house and never felt nervous in any way.

Welcome, Stranger: Are You Comfortable With Repair People In Your Home?
10/11/13 01:39 PM

I would have my dissertation and papers scanned so I had a digital copy. I know how it feels when it comes to your parents' stuff...both my parents have passed away. I actually don't have tons of family stuff though, in some ways not by choice, but because alot was gotten rid of by my father's second wife, and I was too far away to bring back any large items. So I have just a couple of items that sort of function as keepsakes, and as it turns out, that's enough. I would suggest keeping a few representative items and giving away or selling the rest. Also, my sister has a couple items of furniture we grew up with, and she had them refinished to better suit her decor. I think this is a great idea! Sometimes our parents' furniture doesn't suit our current tastes, but maybe refinishing or reupholstering them can make them fit in.

Emotional and Practical Tips for Letting Go When Downsizing? Good Questions
9/4/13 01:24 PM

I buy the individual shelf-stable packs of milk to keep around for baking and stuff, but I don't drink milk anymore, and I typically drink my coffee black. I think milk usually tastes kind of weird, kind of like plastic or chemicals or something. The only milk I've actually liked was from Strauss Family Creamery in Marin County, THAT is excellent milk, it tastes really good! Unfortunately, I live in Boston now and can't get Strauss Family Creamery stuff anymore. So I'm content to have soy or almond milk with cereal.

From Child To Adult: Have Your Milk Habits Changed?
8/28/13 04:45 PM

I agree with Beatrix. Even if you remove all the air with the vacuum sealer, harmful anaerobic bacteria could still grow in the tuna if it's not prepared in a sterile environment or heated until the bacteria are killed.

Can I Re-Pack Canned Tuna in Vacuum-Sealed Bags? Good Questions
8/28/13 04:33 PM

Wow, nice!

Before & After: John's Craigslist Miracle
8/28/13 03:40 PM

3dogma -- Awww...that's so cute! I think it would actually be kind of funny to hang your diploma alongside your doggies' certificates!

Do You Display Your Diploma?
8/19/13 04:11 PM