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A drill.
A cat scratcher not made of ugly carpet.
Fluffy new towels.

My Wishlist: 10 Things I'd Love to Have for My Apartment
12/18/10 12:51 AM

Agree with all who said paint the wall behind the bed. Most impact for least money, and would also be great for a big picture impact with the headboard, nightstands and lamps. I could envision a bright, cool red, but that's a matter of personal preference!

Suggestions for Colorfully Patterned Duvet?
Good Questions

12/18/10 12:46 AM

I've had a jute rug in my living room for years, from Ikea. I don't remember a smell, and I don't have a problem with staining or getting the cat hair out. I also don't mind the scratchiness on my feet (I live in bare feet), though I no longer enjoy sitting on the floor in my underwear! One thing I've found that the edges seem to curl if you spill water or something on it. They take a long time to go flat again, and I've never been able to get all the curling totally out of the edges.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Do You Think of Jute Rugs?
8/20/07 06:35 PM

HA HA! Oh, that took me back. My aunt and uncle had a circular sunken living room (with mirrored walls) in the '70s. Until the marijuana hydroponic system in the crawlspace caught on fire and burned it up. *ahem*

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Seventies Design Interiors
8/14/07 05:26 PM

Wow, that's a beautiful place to end up during a house swap!

AT Europe: San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Italy - My Summer House Swap
8/13/07 07:58 PM

Yikes! I just looked at the prices for the first time! I could decorate the whole room (house?) for the price of one of those sofas!

In retrospect, the guy in the pic looks like Beach Fun Ken Doll.

Hot or Not? Ralph Lauren's Hither Hills Collection
8/13/07 07:54 PM

Wow. Even the books in the bookcase are coordinated to the room.

I dunno. This kind of reminds me of thrift store chic. Which is fine - I'm all about thrift store chic! (Though not necessarily done like this.) But I'll bet you can get the look much cheaper by going to an actual thrift store.

Hot or Not? Ralph Lauren's Hither Hills Collection
8/13/07 09:16 AM

I had to answer that I recycle when it's convenient, because in my community, you can't recycle anything unless you have a car that will take you to the (far away) recycle depots! How ironic.

Why do communities set us up like this?

I do always leave my bottles and cans beside the dumpster, for the bottle pickers.

Survey: What Type of Recycler Are You?
8/9/07 03:25 PM

Anne, I love your take on the chemical-free beer!

I hope it didn't seem like I was jumping on anyone over the chemical definition thing, though. I re-read my last post and it seemed kind of....well. Anyway, my apologies to anyone if I came off as snotty or anything.

I too wish the blankets were cheaper.

Swans Island Blankets
7/23/07 04:18 PM

Not posting this to pursue semantics in the thread...but...

....everything is a "chemical." The air we breathe is a chemical substance. Water is a chemical substance. Just because something is "chemical" does not make it bad for us.

Swans Island Blankets
7/23/07 09:27 AM

You're welcome, chusmabilly! I hope it works for you...

How To Keep Your Cat Off The Computer?
7/20/07 04:37 PM

Hah! Everytime I see that video, I think, "That kitty's gonna rip the screen..."

The photo is cute. My cats never do this, though, so I have no real life experience to share. I would probably just train them not to do it. Contrary to popular belief, kitties CAN be trained! (They just don't like you knowing it.) Air horns are great for cat training....and much safer than the old spray bottle technique in this case, I imagine. Also, the spray duster you buy for computers works for cat training - after you get them used to it, you just have to make the noise through your teeth to keep kitty in line.

Then when you're not around to monitor kitty's behaviour (presuming the laptop is closed then), just put something lightweight on top. I keep picturing an erector set "sculpture" for some reason!

How To Keep Your Cat Off The Computer?
7/19/07 06:19 AM

Oh, I agree with meltendo on the "pillow overload" thing! My own mom is the worst offender. Sitting in her chairs is an uncomfortable trial. I always end up chucking the excess pillows on the floor, which drives her crazy, but what else can you do?

I've never done it, but I never really thought about the karate chop before. It does look heinous on that particular pillow in the photo.

"Karate Chop" to your pillows?
7/19/07 06:01 AM

I am so making one of these.

Tong Lights by Sedtawat Hansarawattana
7/16/07 12:49 AM

This is kinda cool-looking, so I voted hot....but it's also a bit expensive for what it is.

I've previously considered making something similar, using found branches, a long narrow planter, and some concrete mix. (Another one of those projects filed away in my brain.)

Hot or Not?
7/12/07 09:51 AM

OOH! I've thought about chalkboard painting the back of my apartment door many times.

Hmm....that first pic has me thinking....chalkboard paint AND magnetic paint together....

Chalkboard Doors
7/12/07 09:48 AM

My best friend has my spare keys, but she is a very busy mom/foster mom of six, and can't find the durn thing half the time! (Drives me crazy - I have to start pestering her to find it WEEKS before I want her to feed the cats or something.) I never thought to keep another key elsewhere.

BUT, I grew up as a latchkey kid in a "family" building run by a very, very, very mean building manager. I'm not sure why anyone who hated kids so much would manage a family building as long as he did, but anyway, I was "scared straight" around the whole getting locked out thing, just from the experience of having to ask Mr. Meaniepants for help.

For example, I've lived in my current apartment for 10 years and I've only ever locked myself out twice. ;)

The Smallest, Most Useful Thing: My Hidden Key
7/12/07 09:32 AM

I had a hideous, mottled, burnt orange carpet once, which I couldn't afford to do anything about, although I couldn't b/c it was a rental anyway. I wound up just pretending it wasn't there and decorating the way I wanted to. If you are going to start investing in things like furniture and other decor, you might as well bring in the colours you want now, with an eye to eventually changing the flooring.

I like the suggestions of ripping up the carpet and painting the subfloor, but that's not always as easy as it sounds. If you can't do that, I would think a couple of big, cheap area rugs would do the trick temporarily. I've used sisal and jute rugs over top of carpets quite well.

After you've lived with the blue shag for awhile, it's likely that you will either stop seeing it quite so strongly, or you will be inspired to find the extra money to do the flooring sooner!

Good Questions: How Can I Make This Room Bearable?
7/11/07 05:03 PM

I feel totally like I'm missing something....

....but doesn't the dish soap emulsify anyway when you squirt it into sink as you're filling it up with water?

Is my family the only one that washes dishes this way?

That being said, I do put my soap in a chrome soap pump, because I also use it to wash my hands in the kitchen and I do hate having the Palmolive bottle out.

Good Products: Squeeze Bottles and Watered Down Soap
7/10/07 04:56 PM

I answered that I've never heard of this...but I just remembered when I was younger, my gramma taught me to sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on apple slices (I grew up in B.C. orchard country), so I guess it's a little similar....?

Poll: Do You Salt Your Watermelon?
7/6/07 04:12 PM