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Auntie Mame and Plilow Talk are my very favorites, but for years I've remembered the beautiful Martha's Vinyard home in A Summer Place.

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 10:03 PM

My first thought was that he had just copied Monticello, then the animal heads were shown and I realized it was a hoax. Love Monticello! Certainly worth a trip to see it, although my personal favorite is still James Madison's Montpelier. It has lots of Jeffersonian touches, too.

Thomas' Custom Southern Charmer
House Tour

4/1/11 11:34 AM

Strangely beautiful. Reminds me of Miss Haversham's bed in Great Expectations.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Style: Ann Wood's Dissected Drape
5/27/09 08:49 PM

On this site, I want to see imaginative homes, not read about spinning machines and cleansing.

Apartment Therapy New York | Home Workout: Master Cleanse, Power Walking & Body Monitors#comments
4/2/09 09:54 PM

Beautiful home. Love the white accented by pure colors. The cat door is priceless! Do you leave the whole trap door open, or
close it at night?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Kim's One Room at a Time Ottawa, Ontario
3/24/09 10:17 PM

I love knowing there are so many others out there. I am a night owl, and get these energy/creative spurts after everyone I know is in bed. I move lots of things my self, and have been doing it for years. I am now 64 years old, and hope I will always be able to move stuff by myself. My trademark strategies are to pull or push the heavy items with a sturdy old bedspead underneath, and to never give up. I always tell myself "an inch is further than I was a minute ago." It may take all day (or all night), but I always get the job done.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Living Single & Getting Things Done!#comments#comments
3/24/09 01:16 AM