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Whoops, should have linked to the US site — much better looking on person:

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/11/14 01:27 PM

Love my American Standard pedestal — original to my apartment (1915 with 1940 remodel). Solved the storage problem by doing a few things 1) replaced over the sink cabinet with much larger one (okay, prob not best for a rental), 2) surface-mounted a second period-appropriate antique one on an adjacent wall for all those longer-term items, and 3) added a small Muji tower ( , I used the narrowest ones on the left) under the pedestal for those larger items like hairdryers.

The Muji thing is a life-saver, amazingly stylish and extremely compact. Also expandable in all kinds of different configurations. They carry a similar item from Like at Container Store, but in not nearly so many sizes and options for configurations. Enjoy!

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/11/14 01:20 PM

Ugh. I'm on their list twice — and the last ones went right into the recycle bin. I bought a lot of furniture and fixtures from them in the past but haven't purchased a thing since the relaunch of the stores a few years ago — I just find their stores kind of depressing now. The showrooms are more "designery" than before but I find a lot of the wow in the space, not the furnishings. (Any piece of crap can look good in an amazing space.) I'm obviously not their target client any more, nor could I afford to be — I wish I knew this sooner so I could get off their list.

Why The Huge Catalog?
And How Restoration Hardware is Becoming The Ikea of Luxury Furnishings

5/19/14 12:34 PM

I love the store at the museum of Arts and Design (MAD). On Columbus Circle in NYC The store focuses on artists and sells a great collection of jewelry and decorative pieces made directly by the artists. While it may sound expensive, it's a splurge but affordable.

Best US Museum Gift Shops
Shopper's Guide

9/20/10 10:10 AM

I'm voting weathervane, for no good reason.

FYI, my bro-in-law has a great eye for these things and once sold a chair that he bought for $400 for $1200 in the span of walking from the brim field field to the car. Meanwhile, I'm still stuck with my $400 chair.

Can You Spot the Most Valuable Antique?
Weekend Quiz

9/17/10 07:09 PM

I'm not a fan of West Elm style, but something in the retro color says "go for it". (You're lucky it's a hot color -- my parents' house has bright pink!)

1. Keep the tub. Update the fixtures to premium quality (well worth the money, BTW). Add glass doors.
2. Paint the floor with a gloss brown-green epoxy slightly darker than the tub, or replace with ebonized bamboo flooring.
3. Tile tub to ceiling with small (glass?) mosaic white tiles. Bonus points for texture, overall or in bands. Extra points for continuing tile around other walls as a wainscot.
4. Replace vanity top with dark butcher-block style top. Keep the bowl, but update the fixtures a la tub fixtures.
5. Replace toilet with more efficient model. Old toilets are rarely worth the trouble.
6. Lose the mirrors and overhead lighting. Side sconces are much more flattering.

Have fun!

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3/3/09 07:00 PM