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Best story about Scott's Star Wars people. He and his elementary school friends (also named Scott -- ah, the 70s) used to play Star Wars action figures by setting up an elaborate set with different compounds. After two hours of set up, they'd "start" the actual imaginative play by one group inviting the other group over for dinner at their compound. Classic 70s dinner party!! He said by the time they got to that part, it was time for everyone to go home. HA!!

Modern Dad: Scott Hathcock
6/14/13 12:58 PM

Carrie, thank you so much for featuring the nativity set! It means a lot to us at Mod Mom Furniture since my late grandfather-in-law, Sam Brown, (who was a Baptist minister and carpenter) designed this piece many years ago. It's so special to see how many people are purchasing the replicas we're producing. Thanks again!! Kiersten

Modern Nativity Set Family Find
12/4/12 04:14 PM

Hi VikulyaD! The bed will be available through online and brick and mortar retailers soon. If you're interested, contact me directly at :)

ABC Kids Show: Ten Favorite Furniture Finds
9/28/11 07:52 PM

Carrie, I'm so honored and thrilled to be on your furniture finds list!! Thank you!! And I laughed at the rocking chair photo and the caption below it. Totally with you on that but I secretly wanted to climb into that thing and have my pic taken.

ABC Kids Show: Ten Favorite Furniture Finds
9/27/11 04:02 PM


Thanks for writing about the raffle!! I was wondering why all of the sudden I was getting more ticket sales early this a.m. and then I found your link.

You're awesome. Thank you!


Mod Mom Raffle for Haiti Relief | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/26/10 12:16 PM

Carrie, thanks so much for posting the Riley Paige! I'm thrilled that you like this design, especially since it's a little less mod than my normal.

And Jackie, I totally understand about not spending hundreds on a toy box. For the Riley Paige, specifically, it take roughly 12-15 hours of cutting, sanding,drilling, clamping, painting, decoupage-ing, finishing time which is the main reason it's priced at $450. Also, I use good old-fashioned woodworking techniques using clamps and dowels as opposed to knock-down furniture construction (like Ikea) so the piece is built to last for years and years to come.

Riley Paige Toy Box by Mod Mom Furniture | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/13/10 12:09 PM


I'm happy to answer questions or give some tips for your husband. I build three or four pieces of kids furniture every week so maybe I can offer some advice. Feel free to email me at


Plans for Building Wood Toys and Furniture Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/15/09 02:12 PM

Hi everyone! Tammy, thanks so much for the write-up!

As for pricing, yes, I do sell it for $350 on my Etsy store (shipping costs not included) because a large portion of my business still comes from Etsy and from folks who live in Los Angeles. I'm in LA so if you live in here, you're best bet is to buy through Etsy. If you live in or on the East Coast, do some comparison shopping between my Etsy site (I can provide shipping estimates - just send me a message) and my retailers, like Tiny Decor and Modern Tots. You may save some money buying through a retailer!

Either way, I'm thrilled! I'm such a small operation that having retailers out there also selling my goods makes it that much easier for those who don't know Etsy to find me.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Owyn Toy Box
10/13/08 07:14 AM

Thanks so much for the very kind post!!! I really appreciate the support and can't thank you enough!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Mod Mom Furniture
2/10/08 12:01 PM

Gorgeous crib and high chair! What a talented guy!!

Apartment Therapy - Look! Handmade crib and high chair
11/13/07 09:30 AM


I build modern mid-century style kids' furniture in my garage workshop. Check out for several table and chair options at moderate prices.

If you have something in mind, I may be able to customize for you to come up with what you're not finding in the marketplace.

Mod Mom Furniture

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions:Modern Table and Chairs
11/8/07 08:58 AM


If you decide to make something yourself and have questions, just email me at I can give you names of great places on the web to get legs, how to make legs, etc...

Best of luck!

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 23
8/31/07 06:44 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm glad to know my website had an issue and we're getting it addressed. I would'nt have know had it not been for you guys checking it out. It will soon be all browser friendly.

In the meantime, I've set up an online shop at You'll be able to see and purchase (if you like) what I'm selling out of my California garage workshop. If you live in LA, I deliver!


Mini Nursery Tour: Otis in the House
5/25/07 10:05 AM

Hi everyone,

Mod Mom here. Yes, you're absolutely right. We'll make sure the site is accessible to as many browsers as possible. In the meantime, if you are a Mac user and can't reach the site and are interested in seeing the furniture line, shoot me an email at I'd be happy to send a PDF of the current line.


Mini Nursery Tour: Otis in the House
5/23/07 06:32 AM

Hi Dollhouse,

Mod Mom Furniture here. So sorry you're having trouble opening the page. I haven't heard that before. Are you opening it in something other than Internet Explorer? If you're still having trouble, I can email one-sheets of the web pages. So sorry!


Mini Nursery Tour: Otis in the House
5/22/07 03:56 PM

The space is gorgeous! Really amazing! Like you, I've had a hard time paying the top dollar prices for mod kids furniture so I started building my own about a year ago here in LA. Lucky for me, I'm the daughter of a carpenter and love to design and build and am now selling my creations in the LA area ( will ship nationally). If you have a chance, check out for affordable (really, I mean that), modern kids furniture.

Mod Mom Furniture

Mini Nursery Tour: Otis in the House
5/22/07 10:34 AM