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It looks like this was posted about a year ago, but I am sure that Kiera is still enjoying her beautiful room! Thanks so much for using our Royal Design Studio Indian Paisley stencil. It looks simply lovely on the lavender wall color! :)

My Room: Kiera
San Ramon, CA

8/14/12 06:55 PM

The Peacock stencil is from Royal Design Studio. It's called Peacock Fancy and it's my design! :) You can see more on the wall stenciling in this post!

Small Space Solution: How To Make Your Own Vertical Jewelry Box
4/25/12 12:07 PM

Oh my, but this is gorgeous!! I adore the blue and gold color combo and am THRILLED that you used my Large Peacock Feather stencil here!! You did an amazing job, the stenciling looks spot on, and I am super jealous of your closet !! :) I just SO wish that you had tried our Stencil Cremes for the paint though, as is sounds like the metallic paint you used slowed down your process. They go super far, stencil super fast, and dry almost instantly. Let me know next time and I will hook you up! Thanks for such a fab project-I can't wait to share!

Step by Step Makeover: A Walk-in Closet from Drab to Fab
4/25/12 09:56 AM

I so appreciate how Apartment Therapy continually promotes stenciling!! Also happy to say that our brand spanking NEW and improved Royal Design Studio stencils website is getting close to launching with lots more tutorials and inspiration. And from the comments on this post I think I am in need of some nice male models to pose for some of those stencil tutorials!! ;-)

Put Some Pattern On It: Stencil Resources
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2/15/12 07:52 PM

Ooh, I love seeing my stenciled stair risers project from Marrakech here (#5). I have actually done some other Moroccan-inspired stenciled stairs, as seen here. Another very simple thing that looks really cool is to paint ever other stair tread in two different colors. In our building we have done one set of staircases in blue and brown and the other in two shades of brown stain. Makes it easier to navigate the stairs. I love wallpaper idea too!

Daring Staircases: Paint, Stencils, & Wallpaper
2/15/11 12:36 PM

I think it would look very cool if the bottom part had a very soft faded in and out damask pattern stenciled all over it. It needs something to "ground" it and warm the room up! It's a concept worth expanding upon, I think! Agree about the ceiling HAVING to be blue as well....

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1/10/11 06:56 PM

Hey Jason! Thank you so much for using and featuring our Royal Design Studio Camel Bone Weave stencil! I assume you have finished by now, but wanted to tell you that this is a fabulous job!! It DOES take a lot of time to stencil with white over black, but SO worth it because of the high drama you get in the end. I think you had a great idea to go with this much pattern in a small space. People assume that pattern will make a small space look small, but it actually has the opposite effect, esp. with a highly directional pattern like this!

Before & After: Pretty in Pink to Bold Black & White
12/22/10 04:19 PM

Thank you so, so much for posting these projects that we did in Marrakech! Stair risers are ideal canvases for design work like this because each riser can be a piece of art in itself and it's so much fun to do a series of patterns that are each unique but related by design theme and color palette.

For the first series of henna-inspired patterns the designs were stenciled in place on the painted plaster risers. The second series was MUCH easier to paint as the wood was cut to fit and then be glued on after painting. The Zelij tile pattern stencils are now available on our website!! I think that they could be a lot of fun for furniture painting projects as well.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Stenciled Stairs
3/2/09 05:15 PM