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My uncle used to be a fisherman up in AK and when we'd go to his house when I was a kid he'd make octopus balls (I'm guessing similar to the Japanese ones), but I'm pretty sure he pan fried them. They were amazing!

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10/15/09 09:05 PM

For those of you hoarding saffron DON'T... it loses its potency... you should use it as soon as possible!

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3/5/09 12:46 AM

I like the green... I would suggest: replace the medicine cabinet and soap holder, put in a new faucet and counter, paint and put in tile floor,

Some color ideas that I think go well w/ that green are: black
mix in lots of different hues of green
some blues would look nice w/ this

you could go very art deco...

personally I would go with the natural fields/forest/flowers design that I've seen in Pottery Barn, a nice shower curtain will do wonders for this space.

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3/2/09 05:17 PM