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Does anyone own or seen the Ava Sleeper in person? It's very appealing to me but for that price... I'm skeptical that it could actually be comfortable (but would love to be wrong).

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2/21/14 12:26 PM

Hey I was thinking of using the idea here of ceiling paneling for a room divider -- has anyone tried to apply black chalkboard paint to this material? I don't know if the paneling would be too porous, to become an effective blackboard? If anyone even has experience with blackboard paint and wants to give some feedback on that I would appreciate! Thanks!

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3/6/09 02:14 PM

I made these over the weekend with two adjustments; I used cranberries instead of raisins (and I will probably double the amount I used this time in the next batch I make) and I accidentally used self rising flower instead of plain flower. They turned out like the english muffins I'm familiar with except I could not get the rather sticky dough to look nearly as neat as in the picture above so they are all very irregular looking. But they are extreamly tasting and very satisfying to have made my own. Oh also small tip I used a regular frying pan (as I don't have a cast-iron skillet) to cook mine and they turn out alright- if you do only about 5 min each side very low heat and flip them a good amount. This recipe is great!

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3/2/09 03:57 PM