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Obviously, you have to do what you want to make yourself happy, but it's so bland now. :(

The original piece had so much character. And while it was in need of help, I cannot imagine replacing those amazing lines and real wood with plain ol' MDF. *whimper*

Before & After: A Modern Nursery Staple on the Cheap
2/27/14 12:56 PM

Leave the wood and go with a minimalist palette OR do something kitschy. Paint by number paintings of wooded scenes, some New England plaids, etc. Embrace it, you're in New England, and you can totally make this work.

And OMG, yes, get rid of that horrid carpet. If it's wood underneath, that is where I might consider painting because you can always strip it later. I wouldn't touch the walls/ceiling though!

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/15/12 10:58 AM

I loved the look of the Easy Chair. Until I sat on it. Sadly, it's about as comfy as a boulder would be. The seat is hard as a rock. :(

IKEA's Stockholm Collection
5/22/07 07:18 AM