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How does one install this software? I unzipped it and I get a bunch of meaningless (at least to me) folders.

Bring Back the Sounds of the Typewriter With Noisy Typer
7/16/12 11:35 PM

I like this rig a little bit better.


Keep On Turnin': The Stereo Cabinet Deconstructed
6/13/12 04:19 PM

The turntable is a Pro-Ject Debut III Esprit. Rega also makes a number of white turntables.

TLA Is Home At Last House Call
5/23/12 12:51 PM

The Magnapan MMC2. 1 inch thick.


The Slimmest, Thinnest Wall Mountable Home Theater Speakers
3/7/12 07:45 PM

Even Neil Young agrees that MP3s sound crappy. AIFF for me!


How to Downsize Movie & Music Collections
1/26/12 02:00 PM

Amy S.

That's the Squeezebox Touch. Something that I would consider unnecessary in this setup. The Mac Mini should be able to stream any radio that the Squeezebox can.

The 3-Shelf Digital Jukebox
12/12/11 08:40 PM

750 square feet?!?! It seems MUCH larger!

Troy's 750 Square Foot "Crowd Pleaser" Apartment
House Tour

12/8/11 02:34 PM

I would have chosen a Rega RP3 turntable, but that's just me.

The Beauty of Simplicity in Tech (and Why It's Rare)
12/6/11 02:11 PM

Awesome interior, great deck, however, I would run from any building that Barry Shy (the developer) was involved with.


Christopher & Natalie's Touch of Hollywood Regency Loft
House Tour

10/26/11 04:22 PM

She's the complete package. Beautiful AND she has a X100!

Leah Sakellarides of Velokova.com
Behind the Blog

9/8/11 10:58 AM

I always make sure to stop by your place on the Brewery open house.

Did you do the painting that says JOB in the middle, and if not, could you tell me who did?

thanks, john

Kelly's Retro Artist Loft in Downtown LA
House Tour

9/2/11 04:31 PM

Dunn Edwards Mist Spirit (DE6302)


A Touch of Color: Pale Bedroom Walls
8/25/11 05:00 PM

How about Grey Gardens (the original)?

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 01:18 PM

Are there any other units in the condo complex that are for sale? I love this place!

Lorena & Ryan's Retro Inspired Condo
House Tour

4/19/11 01:57 PM

Kudos to the photographer for this house tour. Really well done.

And I want to get an invite to come and listen to that awesome hi-fi.

Philip & Leona's Wide Open Loft
House Tour

3/26/11 08:56 PM

It's Carmen's world. I'm just lucky to be living in it.


Pets in the Bedroom
House Tour Roundup

3/18/11 11:33 AM

That speaker right next to the turntable makes my teeth hurt.

A New York Times Music Critic's Vintage Audio Collection

3/16/11 07:50 PM

I've toured this house a couple of times and I always find something new and interesting. It's one of the coolest properties in Venice.

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
House Tour

3/7/11 04:42 PM

This is awesome! Bookmarked.

Top Gear For the Photography Lover: DigitalRev TV
2/23/11 10:02 PM

Is the Lautner Hotel open for business?

The Best of Modern Design in Palm Springs
City Guide

2/16/11 06:29 PM