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ditto- where'd ya get the monkey?

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Tour: Roman's Modern Nursery
9/17/07 08:49 PM

Patrick-- good question. A design-y chair/stool under $70 I would consider a good deal.

Ceramic Stools at Treillage Ltd.
7/7/07 11:25 AM

In addition to Sedum, does anyone have additional recommendations for drought-resistant, good-looking ground cover plants?

Water Not Required: Green Roof Blocks
7/7/07 11:22 AM

Wow. Stunning combo of furniture and art.

Hot or Not?
6/30/07 12:29 PM

When I was a kid, my Gran had a Soda Stream, for turning tap water into carbonated sodas in reusable glass bottles. Good kid fun!

I was reminded of this by an article about Alice Waters refusing to import water for her restaurant. I was just commenting to my husband that we must find one, and save having to bring home and then recycle so many glass and plastic bottles.

AT On: Bottled Water
6/30/07 12:20 PM

I love these too, but can anyone explain why they are so expensive?

Ceramic Stools at Treillage Ltd.
6/30/07 12:13 PM

My dream gadget would be just like this, charged by solar power. Anyone know of such a thing?

Chargepod 6 way charger
5/21/07 10:33 AM