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I have two tables I just did similar to that one


Ideas on How To Refresh Little Side Table? Good Questions
2/4/14 09:41 PM

I think this would be my mom's chair. No one else would be able to sit in it. Oh lord I want it!

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12/12/12 02:27 PM

Conan has the same table on his set.

Modern Classics: The Noguchi Coffee Table
9/26/12 11:35 PM

for unclogging drains I found a tool for under $2 at hardware store that works well. its about 2 1/2 feet long and has "teeth" on it to grab the clog. works wonders on hair and what not as long as the clog isn't too far down.
other wise on the bathroom sink I cover the overflow hole and use a plunger (A separate one for the sink.)

10 Must-Have Essentials for a Well Stocked Housecleaning Kit
8/15/12 11:47 AM

vinegar, baking soda, ammonia

10 Must-Have Essentials for a Well Stocked Housecleaning Kit
8/15/12 09:55 AM

I put plants in all of my kids rooms. I never did a purifier, but we don't live near a freeway.

Do You Use an Air Purifier in the Nursery?
3/12/12 05:02 PM

Hit "enter" too soon. It takes millions of years for wood to petrify.

Hudson Furniture's Petrified Wood Stumps
1/18/12 02:35 PM

I suspect they are petrified-like wood stumps. Maybe just weathered.

Hudson Furniture's Petrified Wood Stumps
1/18/12 02:34 PM

I vacuum our dogs and have to sweep or vacuum everyday.

Tricks for Dealing With a Hairy Home
1/18/12 10:58 AM

My husband would die for this one.

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12/13/11 02:09 PM

we have the same problem. I sewed a loose horizontal stitch from the front to back of the cushion. I did it about two weeks ago, looking good so far. BTW I sewed the insert not the actual cover.

Ideas or Sources for Refilling Sofa's Back Cushions?
Good Questions

12/1/11 12:24 AM

put a note on it.

How Do I Throw Away a Trash Can?
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11/15/11 06:08 PM

I can see the tops turning black with soot and give it lots of character.

But what is the string technique.

Take the Bottoms Off Your Bottles for Instant Hurricanes
11/10/11 06:38 PM

A friend of our bought one of those easy set up pools for outside with the tubes for outside structure. They put it in their basement and filled it bal pit balls. it had to have been 3 feet deep. But he was my husbands new boss so it took all of my strength NOT to jump in there.

One of a Kind DIY: Kevin's Ball Pit on a Balcony
9/28/11 04:48 PM

somebody watching Jeopardy? This was on last week.

What's in a Name? Collector Nomenclature
9/27/11 04:19 PM

fire pit?

Ideas for Truck Load of Faux Brick?
Good Questions

8/11/11 06:29 PM

Friends of ours are upside down on their 3 bedroom house. With baby #5 coming I suggested they rent out a bigger house for themselves and rent their house to another family.

Making the Most of the Home You Have
8/4/11 05:37 PM

Cute but there is no way they will stay looking like that after a trip in their back packs on the way to school

Awesomesauce Sack Lunch Inspiration
This Lunch Rox

8/3/11 04:10 PM

My brothers, sisters and I were allowed to do a lot of things when we were little. Now as adults we have done it all and know what not to do. My husband wasn't allowed to do anything, he is in a panic most days when our kids try things and they always have to be super prepared when he is around. Not I am not a parent that thinks everything will be OK but I do think they need to try things.

Do You Let Your Kids Play with Fire?
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7/7/11 02:24 PM

I used to work in the paint dept of a well known store. i once had a couple come in to use the machine that copies the color of what you like by taking a reading of whatever sample you had. They wanted to match the color of the wifes nipple. I said No.

But other tan that I have wanted to name colors of crayons and paint since I could remember.

Who Names Those Paint Colors?
Color Therapy

7/5/11 06:18 PM