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Thanks for all of the great ideas. Next year I will experiment with more colors. I like the idea one of you gave to use yellows and oranges. I also would like to get more decoration items that I can hang on the walls.
The total cost of the pergola was just under $700.00. That included all of the pressure treated lumber, the screws, the hardware, the stain, and the astro turf. All of the plants and planters were extra. I did all of the work myself so I saved a lot of money there. The idea for the astro turf was, I wanted the experience of being there to be as if you were sitting in nice garden with grass under foot. It was also cheap, less than $20.00 at Home Depot. Many of you have suggested getting exterior carpeting. Thanks, I have already looked online and there are many end of season sales going on now, some very affordable.
Again, thanks for all of the good suggestions. Pete

Pete's Outdoor Room My Great Outdoors
9/29/13 08:55 PM

Hi Lisa,
I don't think the vines are actually growing on the underside of the pergola. If you look closely there is a lattice work laying on top of the beams. The vines are probably interlaced in the lattice work so that it appears like they are growing under the pergola. I bet 90 percent of the vine is growing on the top, but we can't see it.

Eating Home: Backyard Dining
9/12/13 11:19 AM

It looks like there could be about ten different levels/floors. I wonder if there are elevators? It doesn't seem like elevators could be centrally located. I wonder how they planned for people to get from floor to floor and to their apartments. there could be a lot of walking or climbing stairs. Although I wonder about the movment of people in the building, I love the idea of having outdoor space for each apartment.

Green Tour: VM Bjerget
7/18/07 10:48 AM

After looking at all of the great outdoor spaces that have been on this site and reading all of the positive comments. It seems that everyone, as myself, would like to have a private outdoor area that would be "attached" to their living space. But I wonder how much space would you like to have and how much would you be willing to pay for it over your normal living costs. I am from Chicago and I would say that the outdoor space could really only be comfortably used about five months out of the year, May thru September. We have those little balconies that are nice but in my mind to small. I would like to have something much larger. Say at least 10 by 10 or even better would be 10 by 20. But then, if I found a place like that I don't know how much that would add on to the cost of the rent or the purchase price. I am not sure how much extra I would want to pay. Even tho I do really love the outdoor spaces. If I could use it year round, that would be a different story. So I guess I am wondering how much outdoor space, within reason, everyone would like to have and how much would you be willing to pay for it, considering the limited time that you could use it. Maybe AT could do a poll on how much outdoor space everyone has and how much they would like to have. Just wondering.

Open Thread 369
7/3/07 09:24 AM

Thanks for the tips Catherine and Jem. I did check Home Depots web site and they don't have them. But I could go in and ask them if they could order them. One problem might be that I have to order a "square" which maybe to large an amount. Thats how it is from a supplier in my town. I was hopeing to get used ones. Thanks Catherine for the site. I noticed that there is one place on there that I might be able to go to. It's probably 50 miles away so I will have to call first. Thanks again, Pete

Open Thread 59
5/23/07 12:13 PM

I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and I am looking to buy some clay roofing tiles. I will be using them for a garden border not a roof. I have called numerous roofers in the area but they say they don't sell material or some other excuse. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy some of these tiles. If you don't know what I mean these tiles are a red/tan/brown color and have a sort of "S" shape to them so that they can overlap each other. Thanks for any info.


Open Thread 59
5/21/07 11:08 AM