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eternalvoyageur, the orange peel idea is just a myth. Do a Google search and you'll find that they are high in nitrogen and good for the soil.

Non-Compost, Non-Leftover Food Reuse: TourDeFork
2/1/11 09:02 PM

This is just painful to see. How much energy goes into making these things? I am sure that it is infinitely more than the amount of energy you save. There already is a great place for orange peel and coffee grounds- the compost. Or you use a bowl on the counter like a normal person. Don't like the look of a bowl on the counter? Well peels on a stick will solve that problem.

Seriously, I am sick of these plastic quasi useful products claiming to be good for the environment.

Non-Compost, Non-Leftover Food Reuse: TourDeFork
1/27/11 09:19 PM

Not a fan of slugs in the garden but I'd love that poster in pic. 1 on my wall. Source?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Slugs!
4/24/09 02:59 PM

Where would I find the art that is behind the bed? I looked at Dwell but either it isn't from there or it has been discountinued. Any help?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging...Things I Bought That I Love
4/15/09 01:43 PM

Thanks for the comments! Just to clarify, that picture actualy goes in the kitchen and it is just there temporarily during the renovations. The couch was just moved there and it makes the living room much more open and welcoming- it is staying there. There is no resale value attached to the fireplace as it is much much worse than the picture shows- both esthetically and functionaly.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for Hiding Fireplace?
3/10/09 03:09 PM

It is only 1 colour you could use a freezer paper stencil and spray on fabric paint rather than handpaint it on. It would make for a more even distribution. I've looked into single screens for shirts and it is really expensive. Another option would be cutting it out of fabric and using iron on interfacing to stick it down.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Where to Get a Duvet Cover Screeprinted?#comments
3/6/09 01:30 PM

Last year I redid my similar looking bathroom. Everything was nasty yellow tile and the fixtures were off white. I decided to demolish the whole thing for about $1500. I ripped out everything on my own then had a contractor come in and re-drywall, put in the tub and install the vanity and sink. I didn't use the cheapest stuff and everything looks really good. I painted and installed the toilet myself to save money. It looks really nice and was pretty cheap. If I were you I would just start from scratch. You'll be much happier than if you try to make due.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What Would You Do With This Bathroom?
3/2/09 04:24 PM

I looked for the House Pet flooring online but couldn't find anything. Where did you buy it?

Apartment Therapy DC | Inspired by AT: Hive Pattern Area Rug
2/27/09 12:19 PM