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Love this 'cabinet'!! I agree that it looks like people LIVE here... and I personally love that those people appear to feed their whims. Thats how a home should be.

The source for the "Cape & Tiara" canvas is:

artist: Leigh Standley

A House-Wide Cabinet of Curiosities
House Tour

11/26/10 05:27 PM

What I appreciate most about this 'house tour' is that it is a normal person's house. Someone who has made what they had already work in the best way they could in a space they do not own. That is realistic.
I know this type of apartment and my hunch is that the middle room was meant to be the living room (where the furniture would presumably have a little more room) but that the front room was probably too close to the street and too noisy for a bedroom, so she switched them.
I love the classic feel of her decor, and think she is taking some risks with a couple of sparkly details here and there.
I think that if the point of this blog is to show off the spaces, a little more effort could have been put into photography and staging. Empty the trash for Pete's Sake!! all in all...really refreshing and not overly self-conscious design from a normal person!!
Nice job Laura!

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2/27/09 12:06 PM