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I gave up having leafy plants. They didn't like catnip or cat grass so I only have large cacti now. The cats stay away.

Indoor Plants: How Do You Keep Your Cats Away?
5/11/11 04:41 PM

We've had 6 of these IKEA chairs in our dining room for almost 4 years. They look great, but with two cats who like to play on and around them they get scratched up. Also I have noticed that the metal rivets on my s.o.'s jeans leave indentation marks on the seat. And just last week, one back rung un-explicably broke while someone was leaning back into the chair at dinner.
The wood is VERY soft on these chairs and I am looking for a stronger alternative; this post is perfect. I don't like the extra details on the DWR salt chair (indent on the top and seat lip) and have been considering the Family Chairs.
In addition to making it lovely's post on these chairs, I've found:|004&catalog=filter&menuCatalog=room&menuSubcategory=197149

Any other's I'm missing?

Help Finding Similar Sturdy Chairs ?
Good Questions

1/14/11 03:45 PM

You can also watch a nice clip on Margiela's website showing the Japanese Folding method.

The Japanese T-Shirt Folding Technique
1/6/11 06:21 PM

We used a magazine stand as our bar when we couldn't find something we liked. This particular stand cost $100 at Therapy in SF in the Mission.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Favorite Home Bars
11/6/09 07:01 PM

We can no longer have flowers or leafy plants. Even a pot of grass and foil does nothing to dissuade our two little beastlings.

So, we have Cacti. Lots of big glorious cacti in heavy pots. The cats actually chew on some of the low-lying needles, but no harm seems to be done to either them or the plant.

So my suggestion for you is - cacti!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | When Cats Strike: Keeping House Plants Healthy
8/13/09 07:16 PM

If you can find a Loft in SOMA close to the waterfront there is a park near ATT on the Embarcadero, a great park on Mission Bay Creek (near the houseboats) and South Park is also a good place to bring your dog.

If you have a car Fort Funston is great for dogs.

Almost all of the Loft buildings in SOMA are pet-friendly and you are usually walking distance to BART, Muni on the Embarcadero and the Caltrain at 4th & King.

The rents used to be high, but have been dropping significantly as units stay un-rented for months. I have friends who've recently negotiated much lower rent than what was advertised.

Best of luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Looking for a Pet Friendly Apartment in the Bay Area
2/26/09 07:33 PM