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What about storing the NAS in a fireproof safe? I think on little whole (for power and ethernet) somewhere in such a safe will not let too much heat in it right? Just guessing... Or alternatively (the whole is not good) store a swap drive in the safe.

What's the Best Method to Back Up My Stuff?
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4/12/11 07:41 AM

I would never wait for a product in a line in front of a store. I would just wait until the lines are gone. In germany we say: "Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude." Means like: "Pleasant anticipation is the best happiness." :-]

Psychology of a Line: Appleā€™s Marketing Tactics
3/18/11 08:32 AM

I have the Desire since Beginning of the year and a phriase which roughly covers all I have to say about it is:

I love it!

To be more accurate: It is fast, 100% reliable, resolution is outstanding, working with my gmail account is absolutely carefree (mails and calender), apps are mostly free and there are thousands.

10 Reasons We're Considering Switching To An Android Phone
2/23/11 07:55 AM

I can only add that I 100% agree with the point of that post. I applied this view to my complete life (doing and having) some years ago. I reduced a lot over the last years and I am very happy. I feel so lean, clean, pure and stable. Organizing my life is so easy since then. I mean this from the big things to the little details of a single step which takes 2 seconds every day.

Creating a Stress Free Home Office by Reducing Options
12/7/10 07:13 AM

I save 50 % of my loan of 1800 Euros. That way I was able to pay back depts of my university time of 23000 Euros within two years. Ever since I worked live on a minimal basis without looking badly or rotten and I eat healthy. I just do not buy uneccessary stuff. I would never buy coffee at starbucks (or whatever) In 8 Years I want to have 100000 Euros and retire by buying and selling shares.

Using Tech to Save Money: The Hows and Whys
9/23/10 06:56 AM

The printer on the photo is no laserprinter :-] It is an inkjet.

Stark Black and White: Why The Monochrome Laser Printer Still Makes Sense
9/2/10 07:12 AM

After I come home I check mails. Then I take a look at my bankaccount. Then I start to wonder what to do else in the net. If nothing comes to my mind I play a little computer game (1 hour) Then I usually do something offline. Like working on my flat or my bikes. But when I turn to these things I do not feel good by switching off my system. I have the feeling that while doing something or thinking about my flat or life, there might be something I have to look up in the web. Sometimes I really have to and the I am pleased not to boot the Windows.

I realize myself that this is strange. I justify my anxiety to switch off the system by the fact that a book like a lexicon is always online. Only that the net is a much larger and much more helpful lexicon. So why shut it off?

I must admit that it is hard for me not to use the computer while eating. That is something I really should remedy.

Dirk from Berlin, Germany

Addicted to Tech: The First And Last Thing You Do
8/31/10 03:10 PM

Even if the netbooks were dying. The two hints in this article are useles. i mean somehow the hints shall be seen as making you netbook more like a tablet. If this was not the purpose then the comparison with tablets rising and netbooks dying would be obsolete. 275,- for a new display? My netbok had cost about that. New hardrive? No tablet on the market has a larger cap.

Revitalize Your Netbook Before You Throw It Out | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/14/10 06:38 AM

Any substance that kills a specific living creature or art of creature is in any other way harming other living creatures. You will maybe not experience the side effects immediately, but later in you life you might suffer from using such a substance.


Castro Mosquito Vaporizer | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/23/10 06:19 AM

OK, sorry. Just took a look at the other pictures. The system has got an air exchanger.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Creepy Tiny Office
10/21/09 05:32 PM

One issue for two things:

How can the system breathe?

How can the humang being breathe?

There are absolutely no ways for 02 and CO2 exchange.

Generally I like the idea. But not for working (maybe as well, I would give it a try) but for absolute intense gaming experiences.


Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Creepy Tiny Office
10/21/09 05:29 PM

I always buy tech stuff when the current thing I have is hardly working anymore.

4 months ago I still had an MP3-player by Trekstor which had only 128 Kb memory. Fine for me as it provided me with one hour of music for bikeriding. I then upgraded to GoGear by Phillips with 2 GB for 29 €. This was really an improvement.

My PCs usually stays with me for 6 years is then upgraded in terms of CPU, GC, HDD and RAM. It is just too much money early adopters pay for all that stuff.

7 Years ago my father bought a Plasma-Screen for 4000 € it went faulty four years later. I once asked if he knew what an hour of watching TV did cost him.

I did not want to know :-] I have a annual income of about 20000 € net. This is just too less to through it out of the window :-]

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | How Soon is Too Soon To Buy Up the Next Big Gadget?
9/30/09 07:24 AM

What are all these books good for? No one has the time to read so many books in a frequency higher than three years. So one might as well rent them in a library. In my opinion many people keep their books rather to do some sort of brag or boast. The only kind of books I have (about 30) are ones that consult me in certain areas. I must admit I did not consult them for 5 years becaus I find everything in the internet.

Apartment Therapy DC | Rooms Brimming with Book Collections
9/25/09 04:43 PM

I would leave it like that. It looks great already.

Apartment Therapy Boston | What Color To Paint This Kitchen? Good Question
8/6/09 04:22 PM

By the way. BEPSF ist right, it looks like the akula class sub of the russians. Why did he not make it submergable. Total privacy guaranteed :-]

And I do not believer in ice-cutting qualities. when ice gets thick the hull would breach. Its more for cutting waves for stability on high speeds.

Anyway I really like the boat!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Andrey Melnichenko's Yacht "A" by Phillipe Starck
8/1/09 04:37 AM

What I would not like are the crew members beneath me. I I were that rich I would do a lot of unholy things on that boat. And I would think they chat about me. This would make me feel uncomfortable :-]

Apartment Therapy New York | Andrey Melnichenko's Yacht "A" by Phillipe Starck
8/1/09 04:34 AM

I have only furniture which I made myself (bed, desk, sideboard) or furniture that are already 100 years old. It all would last a lifetime if I wanted it. Maybe I will sell something and build or buy something else. The only thing which might not last that long are the cushions of my sofa. The frame (steeltubes around the cushions) will last forever.

Yesterday I cleaned a storage glas which I bought from IKEA 10 Years ago. I washed it a hundred times. This time it just bursted 10 seconds after I had put it on the table for drying. The water was not hot! I guess the tension after producing the glass was not removed. That has to be done to every glass in production. OK its not a furniture...

Best regards


Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: What's Your Furniture Life-Expectancy?
7/24/09 10:16 AM

Teriffic!!!! Nice consept, nicely finished!!! Great work!!!

And the price is great. Even for me in Germany it would be an option as the $ is low :-]

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Bluelounge StudioDesk for Laptop Users
6/9/09 06:13 AM

I do not like IKEA and I do not like the physical state the girl is in on the advertisment. She is definately TOO THIN.

I do not like IKEA, because the furniture is of bad quality and the price for that quality is too high.

Of course it is something for the young person who buys furniture for the first time. But by thinking of environmental issues it is wasting of ressources as the furniture are built to just last maybe ten years.

Apartment Therapy New York | Discuss: Are You Generation Ikea?
5/29/09 02:35 PM

I am blown by this apartment.

I want to marry you! ;-]

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Natalie's Art Deco Apartment Sydney
5/16/09 07:13 AM