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Wow. I'd paint the paneling an ivory / off white / swiss coffee. I'd coordinate the seating with covers in a neutral color (maybe a beige), and then get some throw pillows and perhaps throws with reds and oranges. Add some more lighting to brighten up the room, especially floor lamps which can help define the space (light colored shades). Rearrange the furniture to make 1 or 2 defined areas. Good luck!

Advice for Working with Red Basement Carpeting? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/21/10 01:25 PM

I'm almost too embarrassed to write this! --- Corey Haim, NKOTB, Johnny Depp, and the hair bands (Poison, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi) were on my walls from 6th through 8th grade.

Shudder. Blush.

At least they were gone by high school.

High School High Design: Whose Face Was On Your Walls? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/7/10 02:06 PM

These are really cool! I'll be keeping an eye out for them. Thanks for previewing.

No. 9 Collection from Studio Murmur Loll | Apartment Therapy DC
5/18/10 10:34 AM

I think this is a great house tour! First, the home doesn't look like the owners were trying too hard to make it look cool or trendy. It looks like they decorated to their liking in a relaxed way and managed to achieve a bright and inviting space. The seating looks comfortable, the art is interesting, and the plants and vases throughout soften the space. And there is *no clutter!* -- AWESOME!

Second, look at the "vanilla box" suburban space they started with! I don't think I've seen many (any?) examples of anyone doing such a great job with the interior of such a space. They really capitalized on the bright light and open feel.

Third, I agree with the poster above who mentioned the audio system. It's really hard to have all that equipment in there without the wires and components looking messy. Looks like a great place to listen to music.

And finally, I love all the little glimpses of people in the pictures, going about their daily lives. Makes the home even cozier for me.

Well done!! :)

Anne and Chris' Light Filled Modern House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/29/10 09:57 AM

Does the window open?

Small Space Extreme in Beijing | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/29/10 09:39 AM

I think you have a great base to work with. I definitely agree that the wall color must change to something lighter - light blue is always nice with brown. You could leave the cabinets as is if the idea of painting them all is overwhelming. I'd take down the IKEA shelves. They're out of place and could be replaced by a number of different shelving options more in keeping with the style of the room. Good luck!

How to Restore Mid Century Kitchen's Original Glory? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/16/10 01:07 PM

Wait, wait, wait! In defense of the dining nook, I think that the picture is part of what is generating some unenthusiastic comments. We can't see what this nook opens into. I imagine that there is a much larger view from the table which very much helps alleviate any claustrophobic feeling. Also, the photo is taken with a flash rather than natural light, which always makes a space feel less comfy.

I do agree with AliceG that some long drapes (solid color) and chair pads would soften the room and make it a bit cozier. I also wonder about raising the lamp some?

Regardless, way to go with a bold and nicely executed space!

Small Dining Room with Big Personality | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/14/10 12:49 PM

I *really* like this apartment. It really has achieved a Middle Eastern look and feel. The white walls are a great backdrop for the artwork and dark furniture. Thanks for sharing!

Meryl's Loft Like LookHouse Call | Apartment Therapy New York
4/7/10 10:26 AM

Yes, the black beams overhead do clutter-up the space. Paint them white. :)

Design Emergency! Paint the Beams?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/5/10 12:26 PM

As a fellow Philadelphian, I am really enthusiastic about your place. It's lovely, and quite an impressive testimony to the feasibility of combining different styles in one space. The bedroom is great -- minimal and luxurious at the same time.

Your home is fantastic. Yay Philly!

Julie's Jubilant Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
3/4/10 12:59 PM

oh la la! i love your house. thanks for the inspiration.

Chris Heather's Happy, Hippy Haven House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/28/10 03:14 PM

lovely home!

Laurel Conor's Silver Spring Family House House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
12/17/09 05:52 PM

If I understand your question correctly, the problem is that the boundary marker, the arch, only goes down halfway leaving no place to stop one color and begin another. I'd suggest using architecturally fitting trim to extend the arch trim down to the floor. Then you have a clear stopping point for the paint color for each room.

I'm not sure why so many people advocate one color. Two light colors that look nice together could look fabulous! Good luck!

Where Should the Color Line Be? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/15/09 01:49 PM

Thank You!!! Am currently printing out to use as evidence that spouse is on the slippery slope...

7 Signs You're Turning Into A Hoarder | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/15/09 01:15 PM

Beautiful! Yay Philly!

Erin Chris's "Gutted in Fishtown" House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
12/14/09 10:33 AM

What a happy house -- I really like it. I've been feeling a bit down recently with so many of the white/neutral homes on AT, given how much I like color, so your place really inspires me. Great job -- it's beautiful, neat, and unconventional!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Amy's Apartment: Collections of Color House Tour
9/23/09 10:38 AM

Our house cleaner swears by this produce. She asked me to purchase a bottle and used it for cleaning nearly my whole house. It saves time in the cleaning process because it's not necessary to haul several different bottles and rags for each one from one room to another. I agree about the streaky mirrors, but for everything else, it seems pretty good.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Put To The Test: Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner
9/15/09 01:20 PM

When I went into labor the night before moving and couldn't be there for the move (not the way I'd planned things!), the thing that saved the day was ...

... every box was labeled with:
1. Came from _________ .
2. Contains ____________ .
3. GOES TO _________ .

and every piece of furniture was labeled with:
Goes to ________ .

This made excellent use of our movers who got every item to the appropriate room and left us with only unpacking -- and no more moving -- to do when we got home.

Apartment Therapy New York | Moving Limbo: Tips Tricks to Unpacking A Home
9/9/09 09:58 PM

Take "harmful to pets" with a grain of salt. I have 2 cats and all of the above mentioned plants in my house.

One cat chews the dracena marginata leaves she can reach, so I got a tall one that she can't get to. No problems. After checking out the mother-in-law's tongue, the philodendrons, and the ficuses, she's decided to ignore all of them. On the contrary, she chews bromeliads down to stumps -- they don't stand a chance with her around, but she doesn't seem harmed by her habit.

I'd recommend trying things out -- the cats may not react to the plants or may not be interested in them at all.

Apartment Therapy DC | Setting Up Home: 5 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants
8/31/09 11:37 AM

I was an only child and had my own room. I don't remember wanting to share with a sibling, but I do remember having too much time on my hands for moping around and being solitary. I think it would have been good for me to have had a sibling to share space with, even if it meant some fighting along the way.

I have a toddler and another baby on the way and am planning for them to share a room, at least for the next several years.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Impact of Sharing Childhood Bedroom
8/29/09 09:34 PM