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I love it....

Inspiration: Bold Stripes Lonny Magazine | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/12/10 05:28 AM


Drying Rack as Christmas Tree | Apartment Therapy San Francisco#comments
12/8/09 08:32 AM

Inspired topic. Doubly inspired knitting, anyone that can knit better than I (thats everybody!) has my utmost respect. Crude? the breast cancer death rate; 40'170 this year in the US alone. 192'370 new cases. and less than 1 in 7 of us will get it. 18 comments including mine, thats two and a half of us who potentiallu have Breast Cancer to look forward to. If we all check ours right now our "BEEBO/BOOBIES", maybe one less death.
Thats the coolest thing ever if you ask me..
Crass?! Get a grip.
*statistics from American Cancer Society 2009.

Apartment Therapy New York | Boobies: Because It's Awareness Month
10/28/09 07:42 AM

Legend. I love her, i am English so shes something of a recent discovery for me compared to you lot.

I think i want to be her.

Legend. Former model and legend.... in awe.

Go Martha!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Martha Stewart Throughout the Years
10/5/09 08:54 AM

love the royal blue chestefield in shot one. now i too am addicted to blue velvet! THANKS!
anyone know what the two club/ish chairs that flank the blue sofa in pic 3 are?
I love them

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Blue Velvet Obsession
9/23/09 09:16 AM

I love her style. Its not unlike a toned down version of my own ( i dream of having the Wearstler bank account to not have to do it on a budget).

I think to understand design you should be able to be objective without instant dismissal.

Her use of colour is interesting.

Respect where its due.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Peek Inside Kelly Wearstler’s Hollywood Mansion Vogue
9/23/09 09:11 AM

i love them. there is a whole section on martha stewart about decorating with mirrors. i want to do my whole hallway in them one day. like in dr No. wicked.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Mirrored Closet Doors
9/1/09 10:40 AM

Design Genius. I want.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Key Ring Screwdriver
8/25/09 07:27 AM

i love that room with the dark wall.
love the botanical prints, and the chair upholstery too.
Its style sort of reminds me of how Carries apartment from SatC changed in the movie too, the 'grew the room up'....

Apartment Therapy Boston | 10 Tips: A Grown-Up Home (For Less!)
8/24/09 06:23 AM

Stunning windows. Depends on terms of tenancy but if you can paint i would do a new lick of paint in white or an alabaster colour (walls and windows) then paint the inner frames in glossy black, eggshell 'storm grey' or matte 'french navy', then maybe just a fine wide adhesive 'frosted' film in a vertical stripe along the centre of each window leaving about a foot gap uncovered along bottom and top...but (and here's the rub) follow the shape of the top of the window with the film.
Repetition was a classic technique and style for the Deco period.
and you dont need masses of privacy because you arent badly overlooked, just a bit of shy cover up is all thats needed. :) post pics of what you decide ...

Apartment Therapy New York | Curtains for Art Nouveau Windows? Good Questions
8/17/09 10:29 AM

if you put a full tour of this, i will do one of my London pad.

Its so lovely. Really, very inspiring. Classy, Modern and ever so slick.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: Jon's Contemporary Hybrid Brooklyn
6/11/09 08:36 AM

love it. actually love the cover/ layout etc too.

Apartment Therapy New York | Dane Peterson: Aussie Surf Photographer
5/11/09 03:29 AM

Whytephoenix, you are a legend. I fantasise about my handwriting being wicked everyday. Respect.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Sunday Morning Fantasy: No, Not THAT Kind...
5/5/09 10:48 AM

My fave was victorian grandness in boston. I adored that on but I think the pics werent great quality, and if they were better then Colour theory would have won overall.

But to be fair I love ALL the winners, and there was something i'd steal from every contestant, even the apartments that didnt win.

Well Done!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Congratulations Brenden & Shannon! Small Cool 2009 Winners!
5/5/09 10:45 AM

Ooops, phat thumb...meant pathic not "patch-chic"

Apartment Therapy New York | Minimalist NYC Apartment by Stephanie Goto
5/4/09 05:48 AM

Max, the stapler is right, my extra dry cappuccino is no longer extra dry; put it that way.

Love the apartment, and the evil, psycho/socio-patchic conotations.

Needs a butchers hook in the ceiling for added fear factor if you ask me...

Apartment Therapy New York | Minimalist NYC Apartment by Stephanie Goto
5/4/09 05:47 AM

Wonderful subject.

I wake up next to a still sleeping 32 year old robert redford/steve mcqueen/equally gorgeous blonde haired boy with beautiful teeth and white cotton boxers/tee combo.
Pull on my trainers and go for a three mile run (this will take me 40 minutes), return with the Times, fresh orange juice/ baked goods and strawberry jam which I love.

I get into the shower (the boy tries to stop me because he is too busy trying to kiss me), so I scold him to make coffee which he does after helping me get my (running) kit off, whilst I shower and change into a starchy white shirt (his work one) and small white panties (beacuse strangely when I woke up my thighs were an inch slimmer each).

We sit eating breakfast at my glass dining table, then I finish my coffee whilst sitting on the boys' lap whilst he surreptitiously peels clothing off trying to kiss me more. I give in and he carries me back to bed for more kissing.

Then I get up and do some baking and make the boy roast dinner (this makes him kiss me even more), and we watch 'how to marry a millionaire'.

Then I remember we have the next day booked off work. wicked.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Sunday Morning Fantasy: No, Not THAT Kind...
5/4/09 04:41 AM

I think the bar idea sounds really good. The barman should have their back to the view, you could use a neat hallway console table as a bar (something like this maybe -, with two mid height stools facing out over the view. On the wall to the barman's right you could put a set of three shelves the exact same width (so they form a sort of square shape on the wall) and put some nice crystal decanters, glasses and bottles of alcohol.
And you should definately have a plant in that sharp corner too. It would have wicked feng shui energy, plus bring the outside in. send pics of what you do.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Arrange Angled Living Room?
4/22/09 11:32 AM

Good Lord i think its absolutely beautiful. Its very well done, AND has some character. Not often managed with any degree of class, but this is niiiice.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Sydney Beach House Renovation Sydney
4/21/09 11:28 AM

financier fashionistas' stark-a-licious deco dreampad

Apartment Therapy DC | How To: Define Your Style in Words
4/21/09 07:26 AM