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awesome, could really use this!

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: 3 Pro Compact Steamers from Rowenta
12/4/07 07:05 PM

Question about the showerheads featured a few days ago (the rain type ones). Does your head have to be under the water the whole time, or can they be slightly angled to wash your body and not your hair (is there enough pressure to do this?)

Open Thread 402Drinks party at Gus Modern* Tonight!#comments
3/29/07 06:07 AM

Kelly- some suggestions from the BPS course by Stacy J. Of course, these work best for scrapbookers.

Four main categories with a few subcategories each-
"Things we do" (everyday, holidays, traditions, school, work, shop, etc)
"People we love" (extended famiy and friends)
"All about Us" (immediate family)
"Places we go" (work, school, home, local, relatives, USA, world, etc)

and a separate tag for "photos I love"

I created tags along these lines, and can pretty much fit all photos into those. I create new tags sparingly as I need them.


Organizing Digital Photo Clutter
3/28/07 08:06 PM

Your iphoto links are from 2003 and 2005, and there have been significant iphoto upgrades since. I have the 2006 version and it can organize up to 25,000 photos apparently. Not sure what you mean by ""messing up the originals"- my iphoto allows reversion to the original with one click. It has been great for an amateur like myself. I really like the "smartalbum" feature where you can easily group photos by date range, or by tags, or both.

Stacy Julian from Big Picture Scrapbooking (and scrapbookers are serious about organizing their photos) suggests filing photos first by seasons/year, then by tags . This has worked really well for me. If I want a Christmas picture but can't remember which Christmas it was, I look through my 4th quarter pictures. If I want a picture of my boy playing soccer, I look for his name tag and "sports", or just "sports". I have about 25 total tags that I use. Between the season/year and the tags, I can pretty much find anything within minutes.

That said, it took me six hours to go through 2006 (2000 photos), reduce the file to 900 photos, and tag those 900 photos with minimal editing. I have been tagging my 2007 now as I upload them, and it is much easier now that the system is set up. It only takes a fw minutes each time since I can select groups of photos and tag them together if they have similar themes.

Organizing Digital Photo Clutter
3/28/07 12:18 PM

Jonathan- thanks, that helps. The picture and your explanation already gives a lot of information. Appreciate it and all your finds!

Inspiration: Giving added dimension to your bathroom sink
3/28/07 11:16 AM

Is there a better link for the original article? The original link brings me to the home page and I can't find the article. This is a really cook transformation since it is relatively easy.

Inspiration: Giving added dimension to your bathroom sink
3/28/07 09:16 AM

Does this type of showerhead require that your head is under the water the whole shower? Would I like it if I only like to get my head wet to wash my hair and face?

Best Products: Large Adjustable Euro Shower Head
3/27/07 08:57 AM