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Very rare to see the decorating style in such a small space. Love it!!

Jason's Luxe Factor Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 12:53 PM

Something should definitely be the tight corner to soften it. A tubular floor lamp, a large tall plant, etc. Keep the flow of the room by not putting the main seating with the back to the entrance. Depending on your existing furniture and your needs (Option 1) you could either put a sofa diagonal with the back to the tight corner (still place something to soften that) with two chairs at both ends of the sofa facing each other, a large round rug and round coffee table. This adds to the interest in shapes of the room, but be sure to anchor the middle with some solid dark furniture. Ditch the formal dining if your okay with just stools at the breakfast bar. Or (option2) if you need to keep the dining use a rectangular table by the kitchen but don't place it following the angle. Put a small bar or buffet on the angled wall to anchor the wall yet making it still apart of the dining space, not separate. The sofa should float just in front of the windows and add a chair to each side, again facing each other. Again don't forget to put something in that sharp corner to soften it. (Option 3) Use a round dining table by the kitchen. Soften that tight corner with a plant and chaise lounge place diagonal. Then a loveseat and chair in the right corner for you to see from the door.
Hope this helps and happy decorating!

Furniture Layout Ideas For Trapezoidal Room? Good Questions
5/17/13 12:30 PM