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I am doing something similar here. 2 hay bales wrapped in jute or burlap (we have two going) sitting on a pallet with a garbage bag between to slow the water flow. Compost and soil on top and with just a small shot of water the bales started to decompose and give off heat. This allows you to start earlier than you could otherwise.

We have squash, eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini in one and soo much more.

With this setup we were able to turn our driveway into a growing area.

Give it a try, you would be surprised what you can grow

Still Awesome: Hay Bale Gardening
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6/28/11 12:16 AM

@EddFear: Atcually Being Temporarily Unavailable is actually one of the seven signs of the modern apocalypse.

Tech Etiquette: Is it OK to Plug In and Power Up in Public?
3/28/11 06:29 PM


This would be a fun addition to Chocolate cookies to move them more toward a complex flavor.

Also would be a wonderful addition to the king arthur flour's brownie recipe.

BTW the secret sauce for either of these baking recipes: DUCK EGGS

What Would You Do With: Cinnamon Baking Chips?
3/17/11 07:59 PM

The water in the cells expanding when freezing and bursting cell wall. This mechanical breakdown of the matter should speed things up.

Here is an experiment. Freeze your vege waste before putting it on your compost pile. In this case freezer burn or rough treatment is your friend. An idea

Composting Project Update: It Froze!
1/26/11 02:09 AM

You did forget one
Is it actually useful and necessary
I know this takes the fun out of the black friday assault on shopping, but in the end, when your wallet is fat and your garage is empty, you will thank yourself for adding this to your list

Things to Think About When Buying Small Appliances
11/15/10 06:27 PM

Ok I went a little overboard here, but I have an excuse I found this great group out here in the bay area called One Seed To Many. From them I got:

*Polish Pastel
*Monkey A*&
*Silver Fir

If you can find this group give them a try, they have a wonderful assortment of heirlooms.
I have a tiny garden and am going to see if I can get these happy in 2 half barrels.

We will see

Garden 2010: What Kinds of Tomatoes Are You Growing? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/24/10 01:04 AM

I would love to do build a healthy diversified farm. To figure out the economics of this adventure is the daunting part though. It has worked for others so it should be feasable for my wife and I. A wonderful dream to pursue

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Former Urbanites, Now "Local Food" Farmers The New York Times 7.3.08
10/23/09 01:47 PM

Then I think my family may have a problem. growing up I remember my mother having an entire bookshelves of cookbooks. These were all new at the time, including local church cookbook, neighborhood cookbooks and alike now spanning 50 years.

The most recent count has placed this at over 500 cookbooks, and growing, and this does not include the pantheon of family collected recipes scribbled down in notebooks and index cards

And now my wife and I are building our own library to reflect our own taste and style. Ahhh the dream to have the bookshelf wall in the kitchen to house them all.

This addiction may be genetic

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How Many Cookbooks is Too Many? The Fall 2009 Kitchen Cure
10/21/09 05:06 PM

Unless these smart appliances also come with feet to walk away then it would not matter how "aware" companies make the equipment. When layouts cause people to place a heat source next to something you are trying to insulate and chill then more energy is going to be used by both machines than is necessary. The picture here is a perfect example

I would argue that lets first run out of dumb idea's first to lower energy usage before we as a collective decide to use more resources on marginal returns.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Idea: Smart Appliances Talk to Electrical Grid
7/20/09 05:52 PM

As a Californian I wholeheartedly agree with Hood.
Great concepts and ideas for this magazines comes from everywhere. In an interconnected world we have, Ready Made should pursue stories and ideas where they come from, not solely the surrounding neighborhoods.

If the magazine moves to something irrelevant and washed out by actively pursuing every last advertising opportunity is another thing all together. This strategy can be pursued in New York, LA, Berkeley as well as Des Moines

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | News: ReadyMade moves from Berkeley to ... Iowa
2/24/09 05:32 PM