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This might come in late or be out of place but would there be a guide for shoe shopping, I struggle with that more than clothes.

Savvy Style: How To Save Money on Clothes (and Look Great Doing It!)
6/28/14 12:52 PM

Nice tips! I can say a lot about trying to save money, I am a grad student after all. I still use my credit card but I have budgets for everything. My bank offers a nice webpage based service where you can keep track of your expenses, so if the numbers don't mean much then at least you can see nice pie bar charts or histograms getting red, meaning you are spending too much or too soon.

Real Life On A Budget: Alison's Money Saving Tips & Ideas
5/19/14 04:06 PM

please stop the anthropomorphism, thanks

30 Amazing Pet Halloween Costume Ideas Petco Pet Costume Photo Contest
10/29/13 09:23 PM

Lovely home, congrats!

The Figgle Family's Cozy First Home House Tour
6/25/13 04:44 PM