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Thanks for sharing. This is a really helpful post. I also use a few drops of tea tree oil in every wash, and with the vinegar when I clean it.
Regarding the snarky comments, its all relative, in this example the author is talking about POO Folks! When you was cloth nappies they are dirtier than your average wash, so that gunk around your washing machine is more than just dirt...
It's a brave person that posts anything to Apartment Therapy these days. ..

How To Clean a Washing Machine Apartment Therapy Tutorials
2/23/13 03:31 PM

Looks great! If you check out their blog, you will see the base is a lot smaller than the top and they happily seat kids in boosters at it.
Would be nice outside too.

Before & After: Cheltz & Woo's Discarded Spool to Dining Table
2/23/13 02:47 PM

And candles..

The Party Box: To Be Opened In Case Of Festive Emergencies
1/25/13 05:52 AM

I'm on the extreme end of party readiness. I've got a kids party box with streamers, balloons, mini milk bottles, bamboo plates (as practical as paper but reusable) 4 different coloured paper straws, bunting, bumble bee pegs, mini blackboard labels. it's growing every birthday, because of the focus on reusable things. The grown up version has mismatched silver cutlery and china plates, vintage tablecloths, solar chandalier and 4 sets of extra glasses, and a bottle of gin, just in case :) and a box with handmade cards, and a random assortment of emergency gifts ranging from homemade snow globes to china owl cookie jars. I've also got a sewing and art box..... Honestly, our house isn't cluttered and we don't have a ton of stuff, these things are tucked away till needed, and are mostly reusable, it works for us!

The Party Box: To Be Opened In Case Of Festive Emergencies
1/25/13 05:51 AM

Leek flowers are great too - they look like tennis ball sized versions of the thistles in your photo above, they start in the garden as an elegant swan shape that bursts open to a white ball that fades to purple. I pick them then and put them in a vase with no water and they slowly dry out and keep their form. They will drop a few leek seeds though :.)

Dried + Desired: Favorite Elements For Autumn Arrangements
1/12/13 03:10 PM

Hooray for real food :.) it sounds like a wonderful day.

Best Kids Parties: Picnic Chić My Party
1/12/13 01:58 AM

We had a special bed made up this year, from teak and cedar,
my little boy just loves it, we commisioned the design, and it cost not much more than a highstreet pine toddler bed...

Sleep in Style: A Year of Unique Kids' Beds Best of 2012
1/2/13 01:38 AM

Gillianne your DIY jar idea sounds great!
I love these DIY templates on easy, we print ours onto old cereal boxes and paint and decorate them - http://tinypapertown.etsy.com
I love these templates if you want something with a design on, that you can just print and start using straight away:
and there are loads of bento boxes also on Etsy,

10 Containers for Baked Goods Gifts
12/6/12 02:30 PM

I'm working on a DIY advent calendar using this gingerbread house gable box pattern https://www.etsy.com/listing/36328218/christmas-gable-box-template-tasty-manor just printing them smaller.
We are filling each box with a note and a fun activity to do with our toddler.
Ideas so far are jump on the trampoline with flippers on, build a hut, paint the pavement ( with water and old house brushes), still working on the rest....

Ten DIY Advent Calendars
11/27/12 05:06 AM

What a beautiful room, you've done a great job of mixing colors. Loving the citrus vibe. we bought a handful of vintage cot sheets and they are so much softer than new ones. Love the rug! Looks like that will work as basil gets bigger. Thanks for sharing!

Basil's Colorful, Eclectic, and
Budget-Friendly Room Nursery Tour

11/1/12 03:26 PM

What a beautiful room, you've done a great job of mixing colors. Loving the citrus vibe. we bought a handful of vintage cot sheets and they are so much softer than new ones. Love the rug! Looks like that will work as basil gets bigger. Thanks for sharing!

Basil's Colorful, Eclectic, and
Budget-Friendly Room Nursery Tour

11/1/12 03:26 PM

I use clear fishing tackle boxes for our lunches, they have removable segments so you can use either no segments, 1 middle segment or any variation with the 6 additional segments. I just check the plastic recycling number to avoid the nasty plastics. Our ones are a number 5 which in new Zealand is food safe and phb free.
They don't seem to leak at least not by lunchtime and with all the segments in place you get 8 slots which makes for a lot of variety

Tips for a Better Solo Lunch Cooking for One
3/16/12 04:15 AM

How much research went into that article? I live on a dairy farm, (not organic) the cows diet is 95 percent grass, substituted with 5 percent bread as the yeast gives them a milk boost, cows are not fed or injected with hormones. Any cows that require antibiotics / penicillin are separated from the herd, and their milk is dumped. The dairy tankers test each batch of milk and if there are any traces of penicillin found the milk is dumped and farmers are fined. Yes I live in new Zealand but I find it hard to believe all us farmers are giving cattle artificial growth hormones...

7 Foods to Avoid For The New Year

1/8/12 02:41 AM

I make sticky date pudding, in muffin size portions, and take some caramel sauce in a mason jar. What I like about muffins (apart from everything :) is that you can transport them in a cardboard box, lined with teatowels, which makes them great for stacking in a car full of bags, but also means less hassle when its time to go home. Not sure where you are going, if its someones house or a venue, if its a house, I usually compost the cardboard box, (worms like to hatch their babies in cardboard scraps) but we are in the countryside. Have a great trip! cheers

Ideas for Holiday Desserts That Travel Well?
Good Questions

11/13/11 06:36 AM

This looks so lovelly. Good on you for getting rid of the hard fill, scary that people used to think it was ok to just bury all that junk in your backyard. When I moved in, it took 3 months to get all the broken glass from the garden, buckets and buckets of it, not fun, but worth it in the end! I can empathise with just how much work it is! love the chicken house, and the blue planter stops its looking too earthy, really lovelly. Wishing you good luck in the competition from sunny New Zealand!

Lisa's Tiny Farmyard
Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #41

8/25/11 03:57 PM

At last! posts for the rest of the world! many thanks for this

Salvage Co. Australia: A Good Source For Reclaimed Hardwoods
8/14/11 06:20 PM

My bedroom is painted resene Athens Grey which is I think is in the middle of the grey owl / Abalone, it ranges from a cool slip of a color in the morning to a faded lavender in afternoon light, and blue grey at night, its that range that makes it so appealing. Great suggestion from K&K Colour on painting a foam board, remember to move it around a bit. I usually just do test swatches on the wall 30 cm x 30 cm by the woodwork. just remember to paint them back to white before overpainting.

Test Swatch Challenge: Help Me Choose a Paint Color
7/13/11 05:05 PM

ohh the wallpaper, I wouldnt be able to lose that, its just beautiful. the window treatment is working really well with it.
I would work around the wallpaper, so elegant!
I would remove the carpet, replace the toilet, which will provide an instant update, then seal and paint and seal (again) the floor. I would go for a rich charcoal color or a fake woodgrain, but maybe you prefer something lighter. Then if budget permits, replace the vanity/sinks/taps. I love the idea of converting an old beautiful bureau or dresser, and adding a bowl sink on top, something from the same era as the wallpaper, then if there is wallpaper missing from behind the vanity, tile the wallbehind as a splashback. Replacing the mirrors with a rectangular one would give an instant new look, but I like the romantic style of the oval ones.
I would guess $100 for the floor paints, all of which would be under 4 litres, $200 for new toilet, $250 for vintage buereau, $200 for tiles, $200 for sink, $300 for taps, plus plumber to install all, around $700 plus your labour.
so about $2000 for a new look bathroom.
Just the toilet and floor, likely $600 or so.
You can save money buy buying tiles second hand, also sink. I dont like second hand tapware as it often needs to be restored so it doesnt leak, end cost is same as new. good luck!

My Bathroom Renovation: The Experts Weigh In
7/1/11 06:54 PM

What I love about these portion style pans, is that all your baking comes out at much the same size, and the cooking (ie browning) is consistent across the batch.
Ive got a mini loadf tray with 12 mini loafs, this would surely work in the same way,
and would be great for quiches, breads, scones,
chocolate brownies, also portion size lasagnes, (just layer pieces of the lasagne paster to be the right shape) frittatas, potato gratin, the list goes on.
Mine is non stick but I always lightly grease or flower, or use a baking papaer lining where applicable (e.g. for gratins or cheesecake)
Ive never seen one of these before and Im going out to buy one next week...!
That said I own a Madeline tin, now thats a tin that really cant be used for anything else ;.)

Can You Help Me Justify Buying a Scone Pan?
Good Questions

5/28/11 03:53 AM

you have time to plug on this silly rubber thing that has no other purpose but you dont have time to hand wash your glasses?
Consumerism at its worst.
This is the only negative commment Ive ever left here, but seriously what a pointless product destined for landfil.

Tether Your Glassware For Dishwasher Survival
5/28/11 01:41 AM