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re: "Many women find, even if they had no urge to sew beforehand, having a child ignites this instinct to make things."

I don't read oohdeedoh often, as I'm not a parent, so maybe these kinds of remarks are common here. But one of the things I like about AT and it's affiliated blogs is that it's so non-sexist. Crafting, cooking, nesting and general DIY-ing is for everybody, not just the little ladies who upon giving birth find themselves seized with creative sewing urges. Parenthood is a transformative experience (or so I'm told), and though they may not get the stretch marks that come with helping a new person into the world, dads also develop new interests and desires in response to it. Some of these may very well extend to (gasp!) sewing.

Simple Sewing Projects for Beginners | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/17/10 07:17 PM

"Denmark and other cities"???
Part of what I like about AT is that, even though it's US-based, most of the time it's not nearly as US-centric as a lot of American sites out there. Denmark may be tiny, but it is a country.
**on a more positive note**
yay! for living more and having less. I'm totally going to order the Sarah Susanka book from the library.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Less Things, More Life
10/27/09 06:51 PM

These have been really great for me. I followed the instructions from the link below and constructed a container with a resevoir. Even in hot July and August, I can get away with watering once a week, which is great for summer vacations.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Self Watering Tomato Plants#comments
7/6/09 02:25 PM

It's good to see house bunnies and their people getting some AT press. The set-up is truly beautiful.
But having two very greedy bunnies, I have to ask: Would most bunnies show enough restraint to simply 'nibble' the herbs?
Mine would eat them down to the stem within an hour! They almost decimated my indoor herb garden, when they got into the living room for a few minutes.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Make a House Rabbit Littergarden Sooki's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/23/09 10:45 AM