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They were born in the same town, after all...

Antonio Banderas to Play Picasso in Biopic Design News 02.22.12
9/20/12 10:01 AM

I know that Handmade Detroit (also on Etsy) has had a Michigan-with-heart logo for years. This designer's heart is in the exact same spot (over Detroit)... so perhaps this design isn't all that clever or original.

Designers Use Twitter to Call for Urban Outfitters Boycott
5/27/11 07:26 PM

I don't like how she that claims Wimberley is an "invented" name. My band director in high school was Mr. Wimberley. And what about Wimberly, TX? Another "invented" name on her list? Shreyan, which is Hindu for "Most Blessed." Name expert, my ---.

Beyond Theo and Sloane: 100 Cool, Uncommon Baby Names
9/2/10 10:43 PM

Sooo about the scribbled "Ben & Taylor..." which appears twice... I noticed this because I'm Taylor and I live with my boyfriend, Ben. Weird.

Chalkboard Bathroom: Doodle While You Doo Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/23/10 11:42 PM

that corner of motor city bar is where i sat for my going-away party (appropriately, i was moving from new york to detroit). i love the decor there... but then, i love detroit ;)

Apartment Therapy New York | Inspiration: Garage Style for the Home
11/4/09 09:14 PM

My college roommates and I used to host Project Runway nights at out apartment and it was so much fun! I've been thinking of resurrecting them now that I've moved to a new city... it seems like a great way to make new friends.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Weekly Themed Nights at Home
10/1/09 06:34 PM

DETROIT! I'm about to move there and I can't wait. I really love that city. Abandonment and all... but there are people (several artists that I know of) buying up whole blocks and renovating them. Slowly, but surely...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Shelving Into Coffin, X-ray Bedding, 100 Abandoned Houses, Breakin' While Broomin' Los Angeles Slinks for 04.06.2009
4/7/09 11:32 AM

I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding this weekend and I took an entire week to travel. When I got home Tuesday night, I found my poor little Baby dead in her kennel. I have two roommates and for a whole week, they neglected to give her the food I left, fresh water and forget about affection. They didn't even let her out of the kennel ONCE, they heard her crying for days, shut my door and ignored her.

I've had my cat for 15 years, since I was 10 years old and she was just a kitten. I took her to college with me, brought her to New York... she's been my companion, my child for 15 YEARS and I left her in the "care" of two supposed friends for ONE WEEK. She'd been through so much (tail amputation, poisoning, hyper-thyroid), yet soldiered on each time... to think that her death was so avoidable. WATER, FOOD- these are basic things! And she must have suffered so much... I doted on her constantly so the fact that she died of neglect... I'm still in shock, frankly.

She's being cremated, but I don't know if I should take her ashes back to our childhood home for burial or keep her with me. Also, how do I continue to live with these people who killed my child?! Ugh, I'm sorry for the rant, but this was the first morning I had to wake up without her... but I swear I felt her walking on my legs bright and early as usual :(

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Passing of a Pet
4/2/09 04:22 PM

i still call it the junk drawer, as my mother did, as her mother did. long live the junk drawer!

Apartment Therapy New York | Paho Mann's Junk Drawers Medicine Cabinets
3/19/09 10:50 AM

I agree with rachelp, it alleviates the consumer-guilt. I rather but from an individual than from a company, whenever possible.

... and there are some great finds!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Can Etsy Save the Economy?Blogging Wired Magazine
3/17/09 05:08 PM

Although I'm a born-n-bred Austinite, I've always LOVED this area and San Antonio in general (esp. for the architecture). And nothing beats Rosario's in my book! Mmm... if only I didn't live in NYC now :/

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: King William Historical Neighborhood San Antonio
3/11/09 10:51 AM

it also looks like behr's "solitude" which i had in my old bedroom... at different times of the day, it changed from blue to green to gray... i loved it!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Identify This Color from CB2?
3/10/09 12:41 PM

hey, i live in new york now but i'm still a proud austinite... and kayla has been my hero ever since high school... this is so her! i'm glad the rest of the world can now recognize her awesomeness!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Hamburger Bed Ridiculous...We Know!
2/22/09 12:57 PM