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LOL at the people who are worried about "stealing" paint chips or that someone doing this could wipe out the supply... I have a 6'x8' section of wall that I covered in paint chips as a temporary thing while I decide what I want to do with it for the longer term, and I didn't even make a dent at the store I got the paint chips from. Nor did staff care how many I took -- in fact, one of them offered me a small bag to carry them in.

Use Paint Chips to Create Wall Art
9/15/11 12:49 PM

I've had some thick, thirsty, velvet-soft Royal Velvet towels for going on 20 years now, but I recently tried to replace them and they don't make them as luxe anymore so I've branched out into more expensive brands. Homegoods clearance, TJ Maxx, and Bed Bath & Beyond sales are the way to go. I never buy in sets though, and I think that makes it easier to shop sales and clearance.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend on Bathroom Towels?
5/19/11 11:54 AM

It's true that some people are willing to pay a premium for assembled IKEA furniture -- the problem is, those people usually don't own or have access to a vehicle large enough to get it home in.

Then there are the people who take their IKEA furniture apart to sell it, insisting they're doing you a favor by making it easier to transport. Fact: nothing good has ever come of disassembling and reassembling particleboard furniture that's put together with wooden dowels...

As for spelling errors on craigslist: the people trying to rent 'hugh' apartments always make me want to scream!

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
1/19/11 09:53 PM

"Money is a dirty thing"? Um... what makes you think they don't WASH the floor?? LOL.

This looks fantastic! I thought about doing this same thing when I saw the penny-tiled floor. Love the pennies, but my bathroom is dark red with black/white/silver accents so I thought nickels would look better. I ultimately settled on white hex subway tile with black grout but I was >< this close to doing the nickels.

Nickel Tile Floor! A DIY Bathroom Renovation
9/25/10 10:20 AM

I have a slightly larger version of that sink and vanity (both from IKEA's Lillangen series), and I'm just a hair over 5'4". It IS a little too high for the face-splash method of face-washing -- more than one splash and the water runs down my forearms. So after I got it, I adopted a more grown-up style of face-washing, and it's all good ;-)

Before & After: Jamil's Tiny Bathroom Remodel
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9/22/10 01:04 PM

I didn't think I was a huge fan of green, but I love all the colors in this house. Very fresh and open looking.

Also, I'd never heard of Company C before, but within ten minutes of seeing them mentioned in this post, I'd purchased from them what promises to be the perfect rug for my living room -- which happened to be on sale for 50% off, plus I got a $50 discount for joining the email list. Thanks for the tip, Kara!

Kara & James' Kid Tested, Mother Approved Contemporary
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9/22/10 12:46 PM

Mystic Bedding in Medford is great -- I bought my mattress and box spring from them... wow, 11 years ago now (eesh!) and it's still sooo comfortable and looks like new!

Local New England Mattress Manufacturer? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/25/10 09:04 AM

In response to hejiranyc -- I look at the fact that duvets are only $10 cheaper than like-patterned comforters as indicative of the quality of the comforter in question: it's the same as the duvet on the outside, with $10 worth of polyfill on the inside.

Give me a duvet any day -- they help my beloved down comforters last years and years, while adapting to different rooms and decors along the way.

Apartment Therapy New York | DwellStudio for Target: Bedding Collection
1/18/08 01:54 PM

I looked at a condo once that was the entire second floor of a three-story brick bowfront building. The building's footprint was 20x40, and a common hall & front/back stairwell reduced the unit's width by about 7 or 8 feet.... yet the condo listing claimed the condo was 840SF -- quite a miracle that would be! ;-)

Apartment Therapy New York | New York Magazine's The Floor-Space Fallacy
12/11/07 04:47 AM

Bo Concept has a version of it too, though I've sat on it and it's like sitting on wood:

Good Questions: Can You Identify This Sofabed?
5/22/07 02:36 PM