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Congratulations to the top 3 — they're really beautiful rooms.

Congrats to ALL of the 15 contestants. I think everyone's a winner in their own unique way!

Thanks Apartment Therpy — it was fun to be a part of the contest!

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Contest 2007: The Winners!
11/16/07 10:12 AM

PS: Sorry for my terrible typos!

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Finalist Entry #5: Libby's Orange and Lime Nursery
11/15/07 07:08 AM

WOW! Thank you EVERYONE for your fantabulous compliments.

That is the BEST compliemnt of all, coming from your little girl. Please tell her Libby and I say "Thank You!"

"jennifer Greene"
I't's so nice you pointed out the doll's house. We were given that by a friedn who mad it. It's unfinished wood — and it will be one of our future color projects. I think little snippets of all the nurseries featured in this contest might appear in some way, shape or form in the doll's house.

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Finalist Entry #5: Libby's Orange and Lime Nursery
11/15/07 07:08 AM

It's so nice to see faces to names and read a little bit about you all! You've had some amazing nurseries to judge — they are all fantastic. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Contest: Meet the Judges
11/15/07 07:02 AM

This is so exciting, thank you Apartment Therapy! But please can I make humble apologies to everyone for my less than up-to-par video. I have never made one before and it's sad to say that when the other finalists' videos are so beautiful. I'm what they say "Technically-Challenged" Have a great day everyone!

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Colors Finalist Entry #5: Libby's Orange and Lime Nursery
11/14/07 09:12 AM

Maybe this is the countdown to the winners of AT nursery colors contest??????

Apartment Therapy - AT Countdown: 11.14.07
11/14/07 07:23 AM

Is that a painting by Marisa over at Creative Thursday I see?? I LOVE her work!

Apartment Therapy - Look! Baby Girl Nursery
11/13/07 10:45 AM

what happened to today's entry? did I miss it? I don't see it on the list .....

Apartment Therapy - The Nursery Colors Contest: 2007
11/2/07 07:19 PM

I think this room is a serene, soft and soothing haven. I can tell why you would love it so much. Color doesn't have to be vibrant and 'in your face' to make a statement. I think successful color has a lot to do with how it evokes emotion and feelings within a person. Looking at this room makes me feel happy, fills me with a sense of comfort and I just let out a big satisfying "aaaaaaaaaah"— in other words I love it! The mural is beautiful, timeless and classic. Your friend did a phenomenal job! Bravo!

Apartment Therapy - #14 Jack's Calming Crib
11/2/07 07:17 PM


I'm not entering the competition but I wanted to play cos it's fun, fun, in the arty sun, sun, sun!

Apartment Therapy - think.jot.draw giveaway!
10/28/07 06:47 PM

Cute room! I think Mo Willems would be so ecstatic to see those pictures on the wall — gotta love that Pigeon!!! I'm a huge fan of his work. Nice job whoever painted them.


Apartment Therapy - #6 - Creed's Polkadot Pad
10/22/07 01:47 PM

Thank you so much, I love this room so much, and so does Libby — we play a lot of fun games in here all the time. Thanks so much if you voted for me!

Apartment Therapy - #2 Libby's Orange and Lime Nursery
10/16/07 04:27 PM

Hi jbugg — the collection is called DIKTAD and no, the dresser is a changing table. The shelf above comes as a separate piece, the bit that looks like the computer table is the changing part. Imagine this without the shelf attached. That changing part folds right back flat when not in use, so it doesn't get in your way. It's too tall for a computer desk, you'd need a bar-height stool probably to sit at.

When Lib graduates from nappies (diapers) i'll take that off altogther, so it'll just be a dresser with a shelf. It'll evolve as she grows.. kind of like the crib which turns into an infant bed!

Apartment Therapy - Nursey Tour: Libby's Room
10/11/07 07:09 PM

Blurb is good for books, but mypublisher dot com offers better quality books, so I have heard from many of my designer friends. PLUS they are offereing a current discount of 50% off orders of $100 or more until June 2007. Just thought you'd like to know. They have a great selection of layouts to choose from.

Baby Books from Blurb.com
4/2/07 07:31 AM


Je peux vous garantir qu'il est l'une des chaises les plus confortables que j'ai jamais reposé le po. Si vous choisissez d'acheter l'ivoire, bien que, investissiez dans un bon protecteur de jet de tapisserie d'ameublement.


Nursey Tour: Libby's Room
4/1/07 03:05 PM

Salut Geneviéve Nous avons acheté la chaise du magasin, mais c'était disponible en ligne aussi. C'est le « A Rembourré la Bascule - la Chenille d'Ivoire », l'article numéro 118669. J'ai fait une recherche pour la « chenille » et défilé par à la troisième page et il est monté. Je me suis assis dans lui, mais je peux vous garantir c'est un de themost les chaises confortables je jamais me suis assis dans. Si vous choisissez tobuy l'ivoire, cependant, investir dans un bon protecteur de pulvérisation de revêtement. Les couvertures ne sont pas détachables. Puisque j'ai vaporisé le mien, il n'a pas été un problème. J'AIME cette chaise!

Hi Geneviéve
We bought the chair from the store, but it was available online also. It is the "Upholstered Rocker - Ivory Chenille", item number 118669. I did a search for 'chenille' and scrolled through to the third page and it came up. I did sit in it, but I can guarantee you it is one of themost comfortable chairs I have ever sat in. If you choose tobuy the ivory, though, invest in a good upholstery spray protector. The covers are not removable. Since I sprayed mine, it hasn't been a problem. I LOVE this chair.

Nursey Tour: Libby's Room
4/1/07 03:01 PM

The furniture was also a generous gift from the in-laws, which really helped us out considerably. I know people add furniture to their baby registries to help off-set cost so that's another money-saving tip. Thanks AT and Kristin for featuring Libby's room!!!

Nursey Tour:
3/30/07 07:39 AM

I think it's beautiful! I am a big believer in being different and love that you stayed away from the typical colours. this is such a soft inviting room.

Flowers in Blue
3/30/07 06:02 AM