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Seaside - I agree. We all don't agree on politics. The CEO contributed money to Democrats. He's an openly gay man and doesn't have a problem working there. Anyway, I think $550 is a little pricey also. It is cute though.

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6/14/09 11:30 PM

Blynne and Jordan Jennings - LOL! That's what I do. My husband hated it when we shared a bathroom. He got back at me by putting an the empty cardboard roll in my purse. Imagine my surprise when I opened my purse later at work.

Apartment Therapy New York | Can Toilet Paper be Backwards? AT Survey
3/20/09 04:57 PM

RWorld - you stole my line.

I try to keep the junk drawer somewhat organized but my husband's tries to stuff anything lying around it and then I can barely open it. I've told him that my paperbacks and mail do not go in the junk drawer!

Apartment Therapy New York | Paho Mann's Junk Drawers Medicine Cabinets
3/20/09 03:47 PM

It usually takes me two or three times to get rid of something. I always fear that if I get rid of it I'll later regret it. I use to move a lot and would use that time to purge things. I've been in my house for 5 years now so I have to make an effort to go through things periodically.

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3/20/09 01:56 PM

Fresh coffee grounds. My electricity was out for two weeks after Hurricane Ike. My fridge had a funky smell. The coffee grounds really helped. It also helped with a cabinet that had a musty smell from water damage.

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3/9/09 12:17 PM

I took a copyright class and this very topic about Xerox was mentioned. The Xerox Corporation doesn't want Xerox to become a commonly used verb They could lose their trademark if the courts decide Xerox is a generic word.

I do love this idea.

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2/24/09 03:19 PM

I use the online tools but I find that the colors online look different on my walls. The paint swatches also look different once the color is on the walls. I think some companies like Benjamin Moore and Behr offer small paint samples. I don't know if all of their colors are available in these samples. I haven't tried them yet, but I might when I get ready to paint again.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Question: Wall Paint Color Help Austin
2/20/09 01:27 PM

I've been lurking on AT forever but I signed up just to say how much I love your place. All of the places featured on AT have such unique style but yours is the closest to what I would do with my own place. Thanks for sharing.

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2/19/09 01:50 PM