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i'm from Poland where according to tradition if you want the clipping to grow you have to steal it! i remember my grandmother always stealing clippings when i was a kid and so did her friends when they where over. i guess everyone sort of "expected" it.

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3/13/10 12:21 PM

i have two knock of eames chairs. the dowel chair and the eames rocker. the bases are okay. problem is the top definitely is NOT fiberglass. but if your on a budget i would say go for it. they aren't flimsy its just that the plastic seats give them away.

I'm planning on purchasing the fiberglass tops eventually and using the knock off bases.

this is where i purchased mine:
i don't know if they are by the same manufacturer as the ones you've mentioned

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6/15/09 12:55 PM

I also agree with YoJess. We live in a 3 storey walk up and frequently have people over for balcony bbqs. Last week we came home to a "keep it quiet or else" note posted in the lobby and apparently it was posted by the tenant below us.

We don't mean to be loud but if you live in an urban area and expect total silence move to the burbs.

Also i think the best way to get your neighbors to keep the noise down is be polite. If the person below us just came up to ASK us to keep it down politely we would have no problems doing so. And also she could just come up and join us....

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6/15/09 12:49 PM


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