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that balloon shot is amazing. I want that in a poster!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Food Photographs by David Sykes
9/24/09 05:05 PM

I love this idea, but so many of us live in apartment buildings. Is it cool or uncool to hang a wreath on your apartment door? Maybe using the leaf idea is weird since it's not technically outside? I don't know....

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Make a Maple Leaf Wreath
9/22/09 01:54 PM

What about little sugar cookies in the shape of parrots (surely there's a mold out there somewhere!) The kids could each decorate their own!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | I'm Having a Pirate Party! Do You Have Menu Ideas? Good Questions
8/14/09 12:23 PM

Where did you get those wonderful rugs?? I've been looking for something like them for a long time now.

Apartment Therapy - The Inside Out: Scott Whips His Studio Into Shape
11/26/07 06:35 AM

I agree that the bed appears to high off the ground. But I love the frame and I think you can totally work with it.
One solution to disguising the height is to put a bench at the foot of the bed. The fact that you can see under the bed is what is accentuating the issue, so if you disguise it, it just may work.
Also, another thought. How about paiting the bed frame? I'm thinking gold, like a dark gold, to just push the homey, girly, anthropologie-like feel.
But DONT change that wall color - its gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Can I Make This Bedroom Work?
11/20/07 03:13 PM

What is the exact color and paint company of that delicious dark turquoise. I love it SO much!! and what is the finish you used? Is it glossy??

Apartment Therapy - Fall Colors 2006: Finalist #12
10/31/07 11:43 AM

I must be getting old. I have no idea what all this is.. Jeez.

Apartment Therapy - New Feature: Sharing Chicklets
8/30/07 09:00 AM

you can also try Duggal Digital.. I know for a fact they can do this, just not sure of the cost.

Good Questions: How Can I Print My Pictures On a Large Canvas?
8/8/07 06:58 AM

Where oh where did you get that chair?? I'm looking for one exactly like it - hook me up please!!

From AT: San FranciscoOur other site that covers the Bay Area
8/2/07 12:46 PM

I really love the ecelctic bohemian style that calypso promotes - but it's just soooo expensive! I just can't justify spending $200 on a PILLOW of all things. But they're so beautiful. Thoughts on any cheaper alternatives??

Calypso Home
7/30/07 01:45 PM

insanely cute. I see them sort of clustered together - staggered in height and jar size. I love!

French Jam Jar Lights at The Collection
7/30/07 11:57 AM

we need how-to instructions. That is adoreable!!!

Look!: Recycled Belts Seating
7/19/07 11:36 AM

Oddly enough I've BEEN on this boat several times. My ex-boyfriend is also a sailor, one of a small enclave of (mostly) single guys living on their sail boats in the New York City harbour. Reid is an interesting guy, to say the least. You'd have to be to make a trip like this. But his boat Anne is INCREDIBLE. He built the entire 80ft (ish) sailboat himself, and the interior is all wood, laden with his own wonderful carvings. A real artist. There are small winding stairways, and tiny portals - it's a lot like a tree-house that floats.
It would be so interesting to do some sort of coverage on ALL the sailboats these guys call home, and how they make it work. I never knew until I was immersed in that world - but it's fascinating. Talk about city living in small spaces!! You guys have no idea..

Small Green Homes: 1000 Days on the Schooner Anne
7/16/07 03:22 PM

it's weird. It sort of reminds me of a burial mound, and that's certainly no place I'd want to sit and relax.

Hot or Not: Grass Armchair
7/6/07 07:34 AM

Josh is a good friend of mine, and his work is amazing. It's really unique, and full of light and life. I'm loving the depictions of the melancholy girls, whose faces aren't really that visible. And "Wedding Present", wow, what a special piece. Beautiful stuff..

The Gallery: Josh Peters
5/17/07 04:59 PM