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I love love love this place!!!

Vahan's \"California Confused\" Small Home House Tour
3/20/14 12:53 AM

So many great ideas. I'm 29 and facing a life of limited mobility due to inflammatory spine arthritis. It would be amazing to see a few posts on here with people of limited physical ability, young and old!

Moving Downstairs: Thinking About Design as We Get Older With 10 Links To Start The Conversation
3/19/14 12:37 AM

Maybe it's more regional thing? I've in in northern Ontario, alberta and now here in Vancouver, and everywhere I've been it's been customary, but I do think it's a little less stringent here on the west coast.

Zero Tolerance: Do You Have a Strict \"Shoes Off\" House?
3/15/14 02:16 AM

I do the same thing. I have a few knives and a cutting board that I only use for veggies.... Then when I'm done I use hot water to rinse them all off.

5 Tips for Cutting Down On Dirty Dishes Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/3/14 02:49 PM

I hear yah! I just went back to school and am dealing with an illness as well. There is so much I want to do RIGHT NOW. If time and money weren't a factor, this place would be perfecto!
so I say to you, don't worry about it! Sounds like you are out there, living your life and getting so much accomplished with all you do!

Positive Thinking: Try This When You Feel Down About Your Home
3/1/14 01:30 PM

More tours likes this please!!

Matt Makes His Tiny Rental into a Home
House Tour

3/1/14 01:21 PM

Very cute! My dog pretty much owns every soft surface in the house, perhaps in could reconfigure this to a human exclusive bed? ;)

DIY Room Decor: How To Make a
Mid-Century Style Dog Bed
Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorial

2/22/14 04:24 AM

As a Canadian who has lived in 3 provinces, we do take our shoes off at the door.

Sarah's Modern Global Loft House Tour
2/20/14 03:18 AM

I would feel so comfortable here, it's beautiful and serene.

Sarah's Modern Global Loft House Tour
2/20/14 03:16 AM

I would go dramatic. White walls and paint the wood black to match the tile trim. Then I would do a white curtain, and cobalt blue, and black and white accessories.

Paint Color & Shower Curtain Suggestions for Classic '50s Bathroom? Good Questions
2/11/14 12:24 PM

It's cute but I would be terrified of an earthquake hitting and being hit with 20 things all from different angles.

A Day in the Life: Katie & Soloman's California Homestead House Tour
2/8/14 02:38 PM

This is just what I needed to see today!!

Stylish Storage: 10 Ways To Organize Under Your Sink
2/6/14 11:46 PM

I think a huge thing is don't force it! Let things happens naturally, collect things you really love and don't be afraid to get rid of things you no longer like! I love thrift pieces, lots of inexpensive and colourful art, furniture that is comfy!
Don't be afraid of things that aren't entirely the fad of the season, and don't be afraid to make mistakes!

Banish Bland: 5 Ways to Add Personality to Any Space
2/6/14 12:46 AM

Simplicity done very well

Megan and Mike's Contemporary Amsterdam Apartment House Tour
2/6/14 12:34 AM

Something's I really like about this, and some make me sad. I grew up in a place where I knew families that lived in situations exactly like this, and it wasn't a choice. The fact that it's a choice is kind of weird, isn't it? I remember a few winters (Canada, so obviously different than California) where our power would go out for weeks. We had an outhouse we could use for situations like that, freezing your bum off sucked, but you could deal with it. And you can always heat up water to have a bath. But when our well was dry, that sucked. When we needed to get to town for an emergency (my parents didn't own a car) it sucked having to call every neighbour to ask for the hour long ride, waiting for us at the hospital and then back again. Not to mention that time a skunk made a house in our dug out and everything smelled for... Oh I can't remember how long LOL.
It's just weird for me that someone would choose to live so ruggedly and call it sustainable but a lot of people live this way in North America and call it surviving. I do really admire them for living this way! It's certainly not an easy thing to do!
Growing up we had it good compared to a lot of our neighbours, and their kids seemed to have it pretty bad. There were a lot of kids who had a lot less.
I like being able to walk to places and I'm comforted in knowing I have a lot of people around me.
Sorry for such a long winded response, I never thought a tour would provoke such emotion in me! Geeze I sound like I'm reminiscing about so long ago when I'm in my 20s!
I now live in a one bedroom apartment with my partner, walk everywhere, buy as much organic and all the clothes I buy for myself are thrift (except undies hah)
I truly do wish them the best and I hope it is everything they wish it to be :)
It truly is a choice for the brave!

Tim and Hannah's Affordable DIY Self-Sustainable Micro Cabin House Tour
2/5/14 03:11 AM

I should have read your response before adding mine. I agree with you.

Third Color To Lighten Up Brown & Navy Room? Good Questions
2/5/14 02:13 AM

Plants, bright coloured pillows, maybe a throw and some bright art. I like the idea of trying out colours with T-shirts on pillows. In my opinion, your pillows don't stand up to the dark colours, I bet just changing the cases or covering them will change your entire perspective on the room.
I like the idea of oranges, peaches, different shades of blues, olive Green and of course some white. Patterns with those colours would look very sharp and break up the heaviness of the couch, I'd probably add a few more pillows too ;)

Third Color To Lighten Up Brown & Navy Room? Good Questions
2/5/14 02:10 AM

I like and have most of these already, but I just hang my art at whatever height I please ;)

12 Things Every Home Should Have
1/28/14 05:18 PM

I love it, they have very nice things and know how to use them. Also as a fellow Canadian I like his Canadian tuxedo, haha!

Chris & Meg's Darling City Cottage House Tour
1/28/14 01:59 PM

Oh I wanted to add something I have found that works for me. I recently traded in my clunky vacuum for a four pound little guy (think DustBuster with a long detachable hose and floor cleaner thingy). I find myself vacuuming a lot more because it is so much easier to pick up the little vacuum then luging around my old thing. And because of that, what do you know, I've been keeping stuff off the floor also. It all came together for me, clean floors mean I will keep stuff off of them, which means I need to find things a place around the house, which led to better organizing.

My new vacuum only weighs 4 pounds but does a better job than my old one, plus it doesn't send my dog into a frenzy when I turn it on. I also think it's kind of cute so I like using it :)
I don't want to sound like I'm working for or selling the type of vacuum that I bought, but if anyone is interested the brand is called IQ. I have arthritis in my back and it has made chores a lot easier for me!!
So maybe if you are struggling with keeping your house organized, look at you big clunky vacuum as the culprit!

Cut The Crap: 5 Simple Ways to Start Decluttering
1/21/14 03:28 PM