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The source for paper lanterns in the article also has nylon lanterns that would definitely hold up longer. And they aren't that much more... cute colors too!

5 Essentials for Your Outdoor Party Kit | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/20/10 03:16 PM

I have the same stairs to my attic playroom/ craft area. Though I DID install the railing, but mainly because my son was 3 years old at the time. They aren't nearly as scary as they look. I may take the railing off after he gets a little older. I like the railing-less look and you have the wall to stabilize yourself against.

Sneak Peek 2: The Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces | Apartment Therapy New York
4/19/10 08:05 PM

My ex and I had a huge fight about this too. He did it to my laptop and didn't tell me. I was about 2 steps from invoking my applecare when he fessed up. Imagine how stupid I would have felt at the genius bar (My screen had been acting up so I just figured that it had given up the ghost - never bothered with El Goog). He just thought it was funny. Me less so.

The Secret Inverse Desktop Keystroke Only a Cat Could Find | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/17/09 09:15 PM

I have something similar in my bathroom. I have a ceiling to shin height window in my shower. gives awesome light, but also interesting views for the neighbors. I didn't want to cut off all of the light... I love to look out the window while showering. So I used stainless steel twisted wire to bring the shower curtain to the perfect height so I could see out, but was covered from the neck down. Have had the system for a couple of years now and love it, though my guests are sometimes startled...

Apartment Therapy Boston | High Wire Act: DIY Shower Curtain Rod
9/16/09 07:36 PM

I bought a sonic deterrant. It was a stake that you bury and would emit a pulse of sound that was irritating to the gophers... I lost a couple of fruit trees before I figured it out.

I found a solar one:
but I did better with the battery powered ones I got from Costco.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Getting Rid of Pocket Gophers
2/18/09 02:16 PM