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I just disposed of my tree this morning which means there are needles all over the place awaiting my return home. I was very good and put away all the ornaments/lights once I took them down, but I still have about three loads of recycleables left from my holiday party (which happened almost a month ago *blushes*) I also have a bunch of gifts that I need to find places for in my kitchen and closet.

How Long Does It Take Your Home To Recover From The Holidays?
1/6/14 11:59 AM

That butternut squash casserole has turned into one of my favorite go-to recipes!

20 Ways to Eat Fall Veggies, The Proper Way to Eat a Cupcake & Best Fall Cocktails Friday Flashback
10/4/13 02:34 PM

I recently did a wine pairing with a spicy beef tartare at one of my favorite restaurants, Gramercy Tavern. And they gave me a Lambrusco. It was the most relevatory experience - like a party in my mouth!

3 Rules for Pairing Wines with Spicy Foods
5/16/13 12:45 PM

We make those every year for our Christmas party and they are a huge hit!

Make-Ahead Recipes to Serve Mid-Way Through a Party? Good Questions
4/10/13 05:33 PM

I've tried Netvibes and Feedly, didn't care for them. I'm hoping to have better luck with The Old Reader.

Help! I Read Food Blogs in Google Reader. What's a Good Alternative? Good Questions
3/22/13 12:14 PM

My last NYC apartment, we painted one room in light green. We lived there for 8 years and never requested the landlord repaint the walls, but I made sure when we left that I painted over the walls carefully back to white.

My current apartment I went to town and painted the living room and bedroom. But I have every intention of painting it back to neutral (though probably not the awful beige flesh tone they used when I moved in) when I eventually move out. I think it depends on a few things: 1) are you careful when you paint and do things right like taping, putting out drop cloths, and removing face plates? and 2) Will you make return the place to the same condition you found it in when you leave? If you can do that, then I think you're within your rights to paint.

True Confessions: Have You Ever Painted a Rental Without Permission? Reader Survey
3/8/13 02:52 PM

My mom had the 6th edition and it was well loved in our house. I got the 8th edition as a Christmas gift when I got my own apartment and it has pride of place in my kitchen, while the rest of my cookbooks are relegated to the living room.

The Joy of Cooking: Do You Have a Favorite Edition?
3/5/13 05:56 PM

One of my favorite restaurants, Resto, in Manhattan has papers like these in their restrooms. I remember seeing a different paper in the men's room vs. the ladies' room which I thought made it even funnier that they would select the paper for the user, but how heteronormative of them! ;)

Erotic Wallpaper: Would You?
2/10/13 05:01 PM

My first drink was an amaretto sour too! I haven't had one in ages, but I'll definitely revisit now.

The other syrupy sweet drink my friends and I all consumed in college was a Midori Sour. And I don't think I want to revisit that one. I'm laughing just remembering us ordering them from the crotchety old Irish bartender at our regular bar. He must've thought we were insane.

My Very First Cocktail, Made Better: Amaretto Sour with Bourbon
1/18/13 02:26 PM

My mom took a wide piece of red velvet ribbon and attached each Santa picture in chronological order to it so we could hang it on our hall closet door. It's one of my favorite pieces of holiday decoration because it shows my brothers and I as we grew and all of the hideous clothing and hair styles that entails.

I also enjoy it because they were both in tears in their early pictures, while I clearly knew from an early age that Santa was awesome. It's also great seeing the same (awesome) Santa show up every few years. I'm definitely in favor of it, and I plan on wrangling my kids when the time comes.

Pictures with Santa: A Worthwhile Tradition?
12/17/12 05:59 PM

I have the Philosophy cinnamon buns body wash/shampoo and I love it. Same for crazy scented candles. I've been burning a pumpkin pie scented one all month, and I'm switching to a sugar cookie one soon. I've got a serious sweet tooth, so I wonder if that's a factor in whether people like the scents or not.

On Non-Food Gifts That Smell Like Food: Is It a Yea or a Nay?
11/30/12 12:49 PM

This is my favorite thing to order from our local Thai restaurant and I've never seen it at any other places. So excited I'll be able to make it at home now!

Recipe: Egg Noodles with Rich Chicken Curry Sauce (Khao Soi) Recipes From The Kitchn
10/25/12 05:10 PM

Ha! Hoping my Room for Color entry gets picked b/c I think it illustrates this nicely ;)

Paint Color Portfolio: Teal Living Rooms
10/5/12 01:39 PM

I think the easel for the TV is genius. It makes the location of the television much more flexible (no worries about it blocking a window, having a stand or credenza that's just too big for the space, or even having to mount it to the walls). It's simultaneously hilarious and practical.

Before & After: Family Room Gets a Colorful Update Domestic Daddy
10/4/12 11:43 AM

Oh man, I would've loved this hollandaise recipe a few weeks ago when I only had enough eggs left in the house for the poached eggs.

And having had one too many overcooked poached eggs in an eggs benedict at a restaurant, I'm more than happy to make it at home where I know it's cooked perfectly.

Recipe: Lighter Eggs Benedict with Mock Hollandaise Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
9/6/12 03:56 PM

When my mom got sick we moved one of our living room arm chairs into the kitchen so she had a comfortable place to hang out while everyone was cooking or washing up. It's still there, though we've swapped out armchairs periodically, and it's my favorite place to sit with a cup of tea or just talk to the cook when I go home to visit. If you have the space it's wonderful.

Comfy Cooking: Armchairs in the Kitchen Kitchen Inspiration
9/6/12 03:52 PM

I got a delicious sandwich not too long ago with blueberry sriracha mayo. I couldn't find a recipe for it anywhere so I had to make up my own and it basically worked out to something like this, with a teaspoon of sriracha and a teaspoon of blueberry simple syrup. And it was delightful.

Tasting Table's Mayo Matrix: 9 Ways to Take Mayo Up a Notch
8/10/12 05:50 PM

I've always loved ginger ale, but I discovered recently that I LOVE love ginger beer. I even went so far to get a case of Goslings cans so I can have some on hand whenever I'm in the mood for a particularly tasty cocktail.

Ginger Ale vs. Ginger Beer: What's the Difference?
6/8/12 12:09 PM

I love this book. The cocktail recipes are delicious and it's got a ridiculous amount of information. I'm nervous about making bitters (because it seems like it would be very difficult) but I think I'm going to have to try that next.

Classic Recipe: The Champagne Cocktail Cookbook Recipe & Review of Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All by Brad Thomas Parsons
5/10/12 02:49 PM

Amazing how many people are in favor of that archway ignoring the way it completely dominates the space and adds nothing in the way of functionality or aesthetics. I'm historic preservationist and I am all for this reno. If the brick had any sort of character, I might see the point of the people arguing it shoudl've been kept. What a beautiful job. Looks like it was hard work, but what a fabulous space you have to enjoy now!

From Scary to Sublime: A Gorgeous Gut Renovation in Australia
5/10/12 02:40 PM