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Great job. Beautiful house. Welcome to Providence!!!

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12/8/11 08:01 AM

Great post. Thanks !!!

Artist Lofts for Real Artists
11/30/10 12:41 PM

Perfect post - thanks.
Yippy Little Rhody has someone blogging from Providence.

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6/15/09 01:59 PM

Here are some more answers to the above questions.

Thanks - I made the ice cream shoppe image

we used Cole & Sons “WOODS” wallpaper
color is Mauvy grey / white
• it does have a slight magenta / purple cast but is beautiful
scroll over to second to last PRODUCT CODE 69/12151

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: The Deaners' Fresh Start in Little Rhody Providence, RI
5/20/09 09:44 AM

Thanks again for all the great comments.
Here are some answers to the above questions:

the master bedroom black blanket is from Target and the guestroom sheets are from jonathan Adler.

the shingles are Anchor Gray 2126-30 Benjamin Moore
the brick is Sweatshirt Gray 2126-40 Benjamin Moore
the accent is Mt. Ranier Gray 2129-60 Benjamin Moore
the trim Black moore glow Benjamin Moore

please contact me via email at and we can work something out for a print

I got all these letters from EBAY (for example searched letter “j”)

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: The Deaners' Fresh Start in Little Rhody Providence, RI
5/16/09 11:52 AM

Wow.. thank you for all the feedback and I am happy everyone seems to like our home. Please find the answers to some of the above questions:

iced cube silver was used in every room (except for the LR which was white.)
Amazingly due to shadows and light the same color paint looks different in different rooms.

Erin Lang Norris / Yellow Canoe:
the SPARROW CRIB is from Genius Jones

The credenza is vintage from RePOP

the attic walls are iced cubes silver and the floors are an oil based paint used for porches.

The shades are from Blind King in Providence.

Erin Lang Norris / Yellow Canoe:
Yes – I do think twice before buying stuff at flea markets and ask myself “do I really need this?” Later on I usually regret not purchasing - hahaaa. Truth be told I have a lot of “stuff” in my basement which I haven’t figured out how to incorporate yet.

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: The Deaners' Fresh Start in Little Rhody Providence, RI
5/13/09 09:44 AM


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3/11/09 03:51 PM

Hi all.

I am glad to hear all the feedback - thank you.
To answer the above questions please see below:
immaterialgal - Cole and Son Woods 69/1251 Lavender
serialsquares - Osborne & Little Trifid W5556/03
modernguy - SLEEP Brooklyn, NY
stylist jasmine - Iced Cube Silver - Benjamin Moore

- joshua

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2/18/09 09:36 AM