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loove the seating. looks casual yet comfy where are they from?

Apartment Therapy DC | Marjorie's 'Coconut Cream' Florida Room Room for Color - South #12
10/13/09 11:05 AM

@ Petra: I agree! Those televisions look like toys compared to the oversized 52 inch big screen that we have in my 1-bedroom NYC apartment. Most of those designs, I feel are folks that have a den and/or extra room.

I would love to see apartmenttherapy show off a design that showcases tv's that are over 32". The designs, however aesthetically pleasing it may be, seem so unrealistic. And for all those nay-sayers on my large tv, 52" is practical when you're watching football

Apartment Therapy New York | Dealing with the Television from Apartment Therapy House Tours
9/24/09 09:34 AM

i remember when my boyfriend and i moved in together. it was the battle of space! he saw it as an opportunity to buy the obnoxiously-unnecessary 52 inch television. i had to pick and choose my battle. we moved in together with minimal furniture, so it was close to starting from scratch.

the main issue was money- who would pay for what. although he claims i had free reign on the decor of our apartment, i felt like he won! it looks a lot more masculine than i'd like it to be. and i swear, my house looks like a best buy catalogue, with all the electronics and toys he's bought. but when we move into a bigger apartment, after seeing that i wont decorate the whole place PINK!, he has given me complete trust to decorate

Apartment Therapy DC | Cohabitation: Moving In Together
8/4/09 12:07 PM

thank goodness my boyfriend does not have a lot of stuff. so when he moved in, it was nothing but him, his media consoles and his clothes. but when we moved into a bigger apartment, we made a conscious effort to buy furniture that we both like. as for other materials that is just in storage and not being used due to lack of space and such, it goes straight to the garbage or the salvation army.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Moving In With Someone Else: Take Time To Nest
5/16/09 01:37 PM

i can only clean when my live-in boyfriend is away. i blast on my music and clean as i go. its a lot harder to do it when he's here. its a lot more distracting when he's around...he'll be watching tv and eventually, i'll get distracted and not finish all the chores.

besides, cleaning is my therapy. imagine a filipino version of Monica from friends. that would be me!

so refreshing to see that a man care about cleaning!! your girlfriend is EXTREMELY lucky!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Cleaning House While the Other Is Away
5/12/09 08:15 PM