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I have the same sized room and the same issue....but seriously, if you can fit twin beds side by side in that room, then you can fit a bunk and a crib no problem. (We thankfully avoided the toddler bed altogether). We ended up using the top bunk for storage until the baby got out of the crib, then we put a book shelf where the crib was and emptied the top bunk of storage. voila! yes, it was tight, but we also had them perpendicular and it worked just fine. Kindof cute actually. Looking back, I sure wish I had bought the double on the bottom sort of bunk. Oh well. And most any bunk system will come apart, so someday you can split them if you want. I found bunks to be not as cumbersome as you'd think. They make low, small ones too. Good luck!

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2/28/09 02:25 AM

what a beautiful place. It reminds me not to go nuts about keeping my floors pristine. Old, aged wood floors with scratches and dings look amazing. I almost want to let the kids brings their trucks inside. Almost.

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2/27/09 04:37 PM

Now get to Pottery Barn for the Seuss bedding. Awesome job. Pretty sure I can't do it, but I liked looking at it.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | How To: Make a "Seussery" Jeremy's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/24/09 01:36 AM's kindof like yours, except it's multiple pics layered together and then cut apart. I was going more for "art" than photo enlargement. That's cool that you offer yours on etsy, though. Smart of you. :)

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2/23/09 07:48 PM