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How wonderful to see Masha and Colin here on my favorite website Apartment Therapy. We met when they were looking to buy a property that I had listed last summer. I'm so happy you are still in our lovely neighborhood. What an amazing place and your style is so charming and welcoming. I will be pinning your Apartment Therapy Tour on my board of design inspirations. Cheers!

Masha & Colin's Worldly Abode House Tour
5/14/14 10:19 AM

Are you in Los Angeles? I am a real estate agent who specializes in properties built between 1920 and 1949. That looks like beautiful original tile from the time period I just described. Homes with their original tile in the bathrooms intact are extremely valuable and desirable. Worth much more than newer tile to most buyers on the open market. However, if you are not in love with it for now, all I would say is I hope you can acquire the taste to embrace it and realize that they don't make tile like that anymore or even have the craftsmen to install it. That is a very valuable bathroom. Perhaps the most subtle of a lighter neutral paint would not compete with the tile. If you do re-do the bathroom/tile, please contact me as I would purchase and then have some skilled workers come remove what your landlord does not want.

Ideas for Rental's Lilac & Black Tile? Good Questions
5/14/13 01:53 PM