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I also LOVE the TV easel. Where on earth could I find something like that?

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4/20/11 09:16 AM

I love that first picture - what's the source on that? Is it from a home tour?

Displaying Photos Outside The Frame
8/28/10 06:10 PM

I just have to say I'm loving all the attention on AT to painting interiors properly. I am one of those challenged people for whom nothing in this area comes intuitively - but I try to do stuff, anyway! So thanks for all of the tips.

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8/12/10 12:15 PM

What is the product helping them to make that happen? I can't tell from the packaging.

Faking Furniture Details | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/10/10 10:54 AM

Thank you thank you for this roundup and to all who add to it with their comments - I've been hunting for ceiling fixtures that don't require hard wiring!

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12/26/09 03:42 PM

What is that coiled bulletin board - mattress springs? Cool!

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3/24/09 01:29 AM

Great idea! Does the contact paper come off easily?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: "Frame" Wall Decor Adriane's February Jumpstart Project 2009
3/3/09 07:42 AM

I LOVE the idea of using commercial-exhibition slatwall as a residential wall treatment with flexible storage and display options. I googled "used store fixtures" and found a few stores that sell it, as well as accessories like shelves and hooks, but I wonder if anyone else has found any particularly good deals or cool accessories, or has tips for installing it? How stable is it? How much weight can it bear? Any solutions on the dust issue? Other pitfalls folks have found? Surely folks who have worked in retail are familiar with this stuff!

A few thoughts on the potential uses:
1. As mentioned, it would be great in a small entry hall as a landing strip. In winter, it could accommodate hooks for coats and baskets for gloves, including extras when guests come. Then the hooks would be small enough to put away in a small space at times when you prefer something more decorative, like a shelf of spring flowers or a mirror.
2. I rent an apartment with plaster walls that are prone to cracking, so hanging and rehanging art in different places is perilous. This is a problem for me while I'm here because I'm always changing my mind, and a problem for my landlords as renters come and go. I wonder if I could sell my landlords on a slatwall installation as a solution for us both? Install it once, and no more holes in the wall. Rearrange art at will. The right grade of slatwall can be painted, so there's also flexibility on color. (Though I imagine painting and repainting could get tough.)
3. I sometimes work in my living room, but other times I want no work in sight there. I also like to keep my coffee and side tables as clear as possible, for a nicer aesthetic. Slatwall could function as a feature wall when open, leaving maximum floor space, but could also accommodate a work surface that could be put away more easily than even a TV tray.

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2/17/09 03:15 AM