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Hi guys! That's my kitchen - thanks for all the comments! I'm sorry I'm so late in posting responses!

Cathie, as for all the prep work - unfortunately the brand of paint I used sells a surface conditioner, but not a primer, and I was worried about the paint adhering to the slick surface. Plus, I knew we'd be cleaning the backsplash from time to time, and it would get food splatters, etc. The prep may have been overkill, but I wanted the paint to look good and last.

Newyorklady1 and lexinchicago - I know what you mean; the "before" was really cheerful! The problem, however, is that this kitchen is tiny and gets a LOT of afternoon light, so from about 1 to 5, the colors were super overwhelming. And it just wasn't my palette.

Everyone who's thinking about doing this - it really can be done! Based on product reviews for the paint (Pronamel), it sounds like people use enamel paint to do this pretty often!

Thanks again, guys!

Before After: Painting Kitchen Backsplash Tile | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/17/10 08:13 AM

Southern style definitely has an eye towards cool and calm (cool being key). Though it leans traditional, I think our traditional is tempered by simplicity - often light- and natural-colored fabrics, especially linen, contrasted with dark woods. The fabrics are key - though someone said "big floral prints," what comes to mind for me are natural fabrics with texture, like slubby linen, box pleats, or hemstitching. Simple, simple, simple - with cut gardenias, and great modern accents mixed through editorially. Dark woods, light textured linens, and green glass just say "cool" to me. Great on a hundred-degree day!

Apartment Therapy DC | What is "Southern Style"? Atlanta
2/15/09 11:17 PM