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I really enjoy some blue interiors as well ...very well done.

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9/7/09 05:28 PM

Thanks for the post love Steven Holl.

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9/7/09 05:26 PM

Absolutely wonderful - wish I could find the chandelier near me, too.

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9/7/09 05:22 PM

Very pretty and would love to see a few more French-inspired designs.

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9/7/09 05:21 PM

This came out very well, and I find these colors a challenge.

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9/7/09 05:19 PM

Good post and I'd like to add: think about the night-time lighting plan.

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9/7/09 05:17 PM

Phenomenal job - I especially like the kitchen and landscape design.

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9/7/09 05:16 PM

Very nice - I love the colorful built-in shelf.

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9/7/09 05:11 PM

I love it - very bright and modern. Thanks for sharing!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Kevin & Dop's Playful Uptown Loft House Tour
9/7/09 05:07 PM

Very nicely done smaller space. I love the aqua trim.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Helen & Frazer's Solar Powered Beach Shack Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
7/13/09 05:35 PM

Thats very cool, thanks for sharing. I would like to see more modern pools out there as tasteful as this one.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Modern Escape: Round Pool at The Glass House
7/13/09 05:30 PM

Yes, they do work, but it is my understanding they are fairly expensive. I don't know which companies are best but hopefully, some other poster may.

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7/6/09 04:54 PM