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And here I was hoping that I might find out where I can find those plates (sans the food, of course). The plates are nice; I wouldnt mind them for having grown-up meals.

DIY Kids' Plate Oh Happy Day
5/17/12 09:42 PM

I saw the first picture and entered the slideshow without bothering to read the details. Every photo made me wonder how you could have transported a 21st century home through the centuries. A glimpse of the kitchen and the home office were the only give-aways that this couldnt have been an ancestral home tucked away from Time.
Beautiful home. I am amazed and impressed with the thought put in each nook and corner of your house.
The porch is my favourite place. I can imagine my grandfather lounging on the easy chair reading the newspaper sipping tea and my grandmother at his feet making garlands.

Thank you, Archana, Srinivas and Mallika for displaying your love for the South Indian heritage. Bravo!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Archana's Eastern Sun Bangalore
2/15/09 09:08 AM