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I know this goes without saying, but please consider gifts like these for the girls in your life as well as the boys!

20 Toys for Young Brainiacs
12/11/13 11:09 AM

I was thinking about doing this and there are a couple of photographic prints that I have in mind that would be really nice in my bathroom. But as has been mentioned, I am hesitant because of the possibility of moisture damage. Are there any tips besides "keep the window open". This is fine for 5 months of the year, but I live in the Northeast!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Art Collections in the Bathroom
3/23/09 05:22 PM

I hate coming home to lights on. It makes me feel like someone rushed out unexpectedly - very unsettling.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Leaving a Light On To Welcome Yourself Home
2/13/09 03:22 PM