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Love the bed!! Other people's "junk" is my treasure! My husband and I love Halloween! So every year we scour the neighborhood for anything we can re-purpose for our Halloween projects. This year my husband made an "outhouse" as part of our skeleton family scene. The skeleton family went camping and the father skeleton was sitting in the outhouse reading his latest "Field and Scream". We wanted to find old boards to use for the outhouse and we didn't want to spend money. So I came up with the idea to call local fence companies and ask if they were currently on any jobs and if so, could we have the boards. Sure enough, a company said they were working on a job and if we could go load and haul them away, we could have all we wanted. After Halloween, my husband tore down the outhouse and now he will "re-re-purpose" it again for a winter cabin for our Christmas scene. You can check out the outhouse on FB. Bobbie Hynd-Wasilko. All the pics for Halloween and Christmas are open to the public. : )

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11/24/10 06:48 PM

try,,the Astor bedding has black and white awning stripes and a damask print it's nice. I am buying it for my 20-year-old daughter. : )

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Black & White Striped Bedding?
6/20/09 02:34 AM

The new trend is to paint vintage pieces with hot colors in a high gloss finish and use silver or gold wax to highlight curves and outlines. I just re-painted a small bedside French chest (a $60 steal) for my 20-year old daughter in a intense electric blue and we used a small tube of silver wax ($3) to highlight the curves of the legs and top, then we sprayed it with high gloss polyurethane. We also purchased a hot raspberry red paint from Behr to use for another piece. We got the idea from Go to the site and scroll down to view the painted French chests. Other chests we found ranged from $500-$10,000! We also bought the Lisette chest from JC Penney outlet online for $300 and we left the color black, added the silver wax to the top and legs which I then used a hairdryer on inch by inch to heat the wax and then buffed it to give an aged appearance. Then I decoupaged an oval shaped piece of scrapbook paper on the front to make it more contemporary. After just 2 hours we had a really updated piece!

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6/19/09 01:27 PM

ebanfield,,,that's what pissed off broke people say,,,thank God I live in San Francisco, I wouldn't want to be your neighbor!

The house is amazing and the view is priceless!

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3/31/09 05:57 PM