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We had existing wood floors refinished while installing new wood floors to match in areas that didn't already have it. It was $3 per sqft to refinish the existing floors and $10 per sqft to install and finish the new floors. For us it was worth it because the transition between the old and new floors is seamless. More about it here:

How Much Did It Cost To Restore or Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?
5/27/14 01:37 PM

Not sure where your bubbles were but when we had our floors done (refinished existing and installed matching new) there were bubbles in the cracks of the existing floors that our floor guy said probably came from the use of something like Murphy's oil soap previously that was off gassing, the bubbles didn't show up on the section of new floors, so perhaps that was it?

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen:
Finishing the Floors Renovation Diary

9/3/13 04:54 PM

We recently had our home's original wood floors refinished at the same time we had new wood floors installed so everything was sanded and refinished at once. The original floors had tiny bubbles in the seams between the boards come up in the new water based finished. Our floor guy told us that was because at some point in their lives someone used Murphy's Oil soap on them and it was off gassing cause the bubbles to form. No bubbles came up on the new floors so I think the caution with Murphy's might be when you eventually want to refinish...

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7/23/13 11:26 AM