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wouldn't 1/2 c. be 4 oz. of cream cheese? I'm not sure whether to use 1/2 cup or the full 8 oz. Any thoughts?

Cookie Recipe: Super-Simple Cream Cheese Cookies
The Cheesemonger

12/17/10 11:12 AM

I am absolutely floored: I have that dresser! It was my grandmother's; mine is stained dark (and in desperate need of some sandpaper love) and has different, weird/dangly pulls, but it's the same one. I am thrilled to see it looking so nice! My plan is to work on mine this coming spring (although I think it will just be a restain and revarnish, not a Floetrol/paint job since it's in pretty good shape). Yay for grandma's hand-me-downs!

Before & After: The Dresser and the Orange Bottle
Centsational Girl

11/18/10 11:41 AM

duuuuuuuude. THIS.

Recipe: No-Knead Pumpkin Rolls with Brown Sugar Glaze
10/14/10 12:38 PM

the real truth? yogurt. Trader Joe's chocolate yogurt. If my husband's home, then grilled ham or turkey and cheese. And sometimes those Beddar Cheddar polish sausages and mashed potatoes. Please don't tell my mother. I'm pretty sure she'd march right down here and tell me something about cruciferous vegetables and a multi-colored diet and an apple a day.

No-Brainer: What Are Your Standby Meals?
9/14/10 02:11 PM

In fact it's even bigger than graduation. All my realtives came and the Schultuete was bigger than me. We grilled Brats aut"side and my mom hang tiny cones in the trees. I got to wear light pink dress that was worn by all my sisters and cousins on their "Schulanfang" (school beginning).

Give Them A Schultuete For Back to School
The Mother Huddle

8/20/10 04:17 PM

Forgive me, I don't normally comment on the particulars of a poster's writing, but with two glaring spelling errors within the first paragraph after the jump (not to mention that one is the homeowner's name) I just have to register my dissatisfaction. I admit, I'm a proofreader by trade so maybe I'm a little extra sensitive, but I end up being distracted by the problems with the copy instead of losing myself in the nuances of design. It's frustrating.

The House That Pabst (As In Blue Ribbon) Built Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/22/10 05:28 PM

actually, I think the white ones are freesia. that's a lovely smelling arrangement!

5 Ways To Show Your Love Around The House | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/3/10 04:01 PM

asdf3001, probably my favorite thing I've read all day. Actually, probably my favorite thing I've ever read relating to Twilight, just...ever. My sister-in-law is one of those obsessed "Twilight Moms"...I'm trying to figure out how my brother-in-law would react to a Christmas gift of that shower curtain.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Um, What? Twilight Themed Decor
8/24/09 01:10 PM

HeartsAndCrafts, I'm with you! Such pretty little ribbons, and what a brilliant way to store the skinnier ones - I have bunches of old wooden spools from my grandma that I'm going to go home and repurpose asap!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before After: Claire's Repurposed Spice Rack
8/20/09 11:33 AM

That's interesting, Kimberlita - I made those CI cookies about a month ago and almost couldn't finish them! (I mean, that's probably a little hyperbole; who wouldn't finish a batch of cookies?!?) I really didn't like the browned-butter taste to them, and it was a big disappointment, since I typically love every single recipe I try from Cook's. On to the NYT, I guess. Or back to Nestle Tollhouse.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Blogging the NY Times: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
7/17/09 12:45 PM